It comes once a year. And it fades away after a few years. Students of CMR hold this precious day in their hearts, waiting with glee when it’s around the corner. And our school does justice to the wait. We come as a bright expanse of colours, looking like fresh tulips in the morning dew, swaying into school.

For juniors, this day is a natural occurrence of frolic, with many days such as it to come and pass. It is a day of sweetness and innocence.

For seniors, however, it is a sentimental few hours. It is a reminder of the everlasting memories the students will take with them as they launch themselves into a long journey, shedding this phase only to envelop themselves into another- now stronger. It is a bittersweet day, filled with laughter and a shadow- a shadow whispering a quiet goodbye.

Our teachers made us feel special this Children’s Day, like always. We felt unique and significant while watching the effort they put into creating an amazing performance for us. The energy that filled up the school during their performance was refreshing and positive. The students cheered loud and clear and seized the moment to support their teachers from the bottom of their hearts (and lungs!). Seniors were then left to groove on stage to some lively beats. Again, the school was brimming with great energy. All students spent the day with their friends, finally able to have fun with them at school after a long lockdown.

Whether the beautiful outfits, the thoughtful arrangements, or the high spirits, Children’s Day is a day students of CMR will always remember- no matter where we go. 

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