A Healthy Outside starts from the Inside. – Robert Urich

This is what our expert speaker Dr. Sridevi, our parent champion and a famous Consultant Pediatrician with 18 years of experience spoke to our primary students on 12th August in the CMRNPS Auditorium.

The session started with students eagerly waiting for their first expert session talk by a doctor. The important points covered during the interactive session were the food pyramid and how each tier was important and its role in building the body and providing nutrients. Another important point insisted on was the consumption of less junk food like burgers, and pizza and more intake of veggies and seasonal fruits in their diet. The benefits of adding a good amount of Indian cheese (paneer) instead of the processed cheese in the diet were reiterated as well.

Students were informed of the meaning of the word “ breakfast’ and how important it is to have a rainbow diet. The harm skipping breakfast every day does to the body was an eye opener to the young ones. 

Finally, as a wrap-up, the students watched an animated movie about healthy eating and carried back a platter full of good eating habits 

  • Most important meal of the day – breakfast – Never skip it 
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day
  • Avoid junk food as much as possible, especially every day because it is not adding value to our health.
  • Eating together with parents at the dining table makes the dinner time fun
  • Eat by yourself and stop getting fed by grandparents and parents
  • Most important, always explore food with your 5 senses.

The session ended with students taking a pledge to eat healthily and every child promised to try their best to avoid watching the screen while eating. 

In short, an interesting way to sum up the session would be to remember that ‘ If it came from a plant, EAT IT, if it is made in a plant, DON’T’

Jasmine Philomena J
Grade 2 Social Teacher

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