If only April had more number of days! From engaging in various sports to solving the Rubix cube to learning about Robotics to a trip through nature and a quick biology lesson on parrots and coffee plantations and more in South India, Ninad Kamath managed to do it all this summer. Read on to know more about his Summer Story in detail:

My first day of the most awaited summer holidays turned out to be a boring day since I did not know what to do. I was missing going to school and meeting my friends. But from the second day onwards as my summer camp started at XLR8, a sports arena, I got busier and got to make new friends. There I learned many kinds of sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Handball, Archery, Wall climbing etc. We also had a football tournament in which, unfortunately, my team lost. However, I was happy that I was able to participate in the tournament.

After a week, I started going to Mind Mentorz to learn Rubix Cube and Robotics. It was a totally fun filled experience here too. I learned to solve 7 cubes in 4 classes and managed to go to the Intermediate level in the Robotics classes. We went for our holidays to a resort in Virajpet. During our stay at the resort, there were lots of activities. I enjoyed ‘Go Karting’ the most. There we went for ‘Coffee Plantation Walk’ which was really a nice experience. I saw plants and trees of Coffee, Pepper, Cardamom, Jackfruit, etc. I saw glow worms in the night and wanted to bring some of them home, as my pets. The resort was full of flowering plants as well as a variety of Butterflies, Birds, etc. I was also lucky to see Caterpillar, Chameleon and a rat snake too. On our way back to Bangalore we visited The Brindavan Gardens and KRS Backwaters.

We also went to an ashram called Shukhavana in Mysore where we saw many types of parrots like Macaw, Toucan, etc. There, we were allowed to feed them and take photographs of birds sitting on our head and hand. Next, we went to a Bonsai garden where we saw lots of trees which were small in size but looked so green and beautiful. I never knew big huge trees can also grow as a small tree. I also went to Janapada Loka where I had been for my school field trip before. There I saw many items that were used as weapons, toys, musical instruments etc. in the olden days in Karnataka. Here I learned about the culture and tradition of Karnataka. Overall, I had a busy and fun-filled vacation in April and hope to have a similar interesting one for May as well.

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  1. A.RAMAKRISHNAN SHANKAR May 31, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    Good ninad. Thoroughly enjoyed your summer holidays.


  2. Sowrabha Krishnan June 1, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Superb Ninad..you set a good example! Worthy to emulate..


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