I never knew which club to choose out of the many options the school had provided. I suddenly came across the vogue fashion designing club. The unique name itself attracted me to the club. For a moment I thought about why I wanted to join this club. Will I learn anything useful? I was not sure but still decided to give it a try! 

I was someone who would spend a lot of time deciding which type of clothes to wear and what accessories would suit it the most. Every time I choose an outfit with accessories I thought they would never go well with each other. But during these 5 months not only have I learned to style clothes but also that you can put together your favourite clothes and accessories in a presentable manner and it would look amazing! 

We learned how to draw croquis and some jewellery. We even had hands-on experience in making scrunchies, necklaces, earrings, etc. All of these products were made out of all the old fabric we had. It was all best out of waste! Every single day was planned well and we learned new things in every club class! Our teachers even showed us many videos on how fabrics are made etc. I would like to thank all the club teachers for making every class interesting and enjoyable.

Today was our club’s learning showcase. All our efforts from the past couple of weeks were put together and presented. All the members of my club had done a wonderful job. We presented all the pictures of the works we had done. We had various videos showing how to make some of them too! It was an overall success. Thank you to all the teachers and members who put in their hard work to make this a great showcase.

I would like to conclude by stating a simple phrase “It’s not about the brand it’s about the style”.Many of us would not want to spend a lot of money on buying expensive clothes and that’s fine! But one should always remember that people are going to notice your style before they think about the brand of your clothing. 

Nandana S Nair 


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