Christmas, the jolly, fun time of the year which is awaited by everyone! And to have the opportunity to do our class assembly upon this topic is definitely a big pleasure.

Our class assembly consisted of three main parts-

The Skit

The Choir

The dance

The Skit-

The Skit was the most tedious yet fun part of the entire assembly to exhibit. Our skit was based upon the birth of Jesus Christ. Of how Mary, a well-versed and wise woman had the opportunity to give birth to none other than god’s son himself!

Each of our classmates took on different roles from the story. We had students playing Mary, Joseph, Angel Gabriel, the emperor’s men, villagers, innkeepers, and the narrators of the story as well! With an immense amount of support from each of our classmates, we had an extremely well-done and outgoing skit.

The Choir-

Oh the Christmas Carols, some of the most fruitful parts of the festival! To exhibit the importance and the fun that Christmas carols offer, we had a choir sing us a wonderful Christmas carol- “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”. Extremely melodious and well-done work from the students meant that we had another part of the assembly covered.

The Dance-

A dance, whatever dance form it may belong to, can always lighten up the mood anywhere, anytime and Christmas time is no exception. With the beautiful Christmas carols, it wouldn’t be right not to dance and vibe along to it! We had two different sets of dances, one done by the boys and the other by the girls.

The boys danced to a jazzed-up version of Feliz Navidad, an extremely joyous song and the girls danced to a rather Carnatic version of Jingle Bells, of course, jingle bells being the well-renowned carol.

The boys and girls showed immense enthusiasm in doing the dances, and the steps taught were all followed well.

In all three parts of the assembly, one common idea was followed- All three would be pre-recorded and shown on the day of the assembly. The Skit was recorded together with the students putting up virtual backgrounds and costumes to add realism. For the choir, each student part of the choir sent in them singing the song and the teacher combined them, showing a part of the song sung by one student and the next part, by another student. The same idea was used for the Dances.

The teacher who guided us through all this and directed the entire assembly was Aishwarya S mam. A teacher who put in her heart and soul into making the class assembly as perfect as it could be. She very literally contributed a lot toward this Class assembly and without her, There was no possible way in which this assembly would have been a successful one!

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