8D’s Class Assembly

Our class assembly was presented to the school on the 15th of July, Friday, 2022. Our topic was ‘Social Media vs Reality. The objective of the assembly was to enlighten everyone on how everything on social media is not how it seems to be and how we should take everything on the internet with a grain of salt. First, Akshatha and Samriddhi introduced our topic and aim. This was followed by the thought of the day, weather, and news. Before our play began, Akshatha gave her student talk and briefed us about how social media can be both a boon and a blessing. Our class teacher, Esther ma’am, then talked about our persona online and offline and about how social media can be very deceiving and manipulative. This marked the beginning of our skit. A brief synopsis of our script is: The main protagonist, Andrea is genuinely obsessed with social media and can’t picture her life without it. She thinks everything on social media is perfect and 100% true. She wants her life to resemble what she sees on social media until one day she witnesses the harsh reality. Savannah started by giving us a preview of the play. Essentially, how the play went, it was a repetitive cycle where one person compares themselves to another person who’s on social media. Despite millions of people admiring one person, they still feel the need to be like them. After the climax of the play was over, Kritika concluded with how this kind of mindset can take a toll on your mental and physical being. We’d like to conclude this by saying that everyone is gifted in their own right and you should never have to feel that you’re insignificant compared to anyone else on social media because everyone faces hardships in their lives, some just choose to keep it disclosed and only show what’s considered ‘perfect’. 

Akshita Nair 

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