Today morning our class 7B held the Virtual Assembly on the topic- ‘Saluting the Armed forces’.

 The Indian armed forces defend the territorial integrity of India against external and internal threats. Strong and well-trained armed forces are a deterrent to our enemies. These men and women in uniform constantly fight and defend our borders, if only so that we remain safe and secure in our homes. They protect the honor and integrity of our nation and are ready to even give up their lives for this noble cause. 

Thus, we as the citizens of India must appreciate those in the armed forces for keeping our lives safe even at a risk to their own.

Our assembly started off with an invocation of ‘Om’ by Vishnupriya Menon to spread an aura of peace and calm before moving to the prayer by Manvita Reddy.

This was followed by the ‘Thought for the day and the ‘News’ by Tvisha and Poornima respectively.

We then moved on to the main focus of our assembly- Our tribute to the armed forces of India. This was a detailed exposition about the heroes who protect our country. This presentation was prepared by Poorvi and Prakruthi. This segment also included a skit -The Significance of the armed forces played by my classmates-Ishika, Aaritraa, Rohan, Devarya, Shaurya, Shivangi, Shravya, and Samriddhi. Followed by a student’s talk by Jatin Naveen.

To give tribute to the exemplary ex- CDS Bipin Rawat, who recently passed away in a helicopter crash; our class also prepared and presented a video in his honor.

As our assembly was nearing its conclusion, our class teacher Praseetha ma’am also gave a teacher’s talk.

Our respected Academic coordinator and the CCA coordinator also presented their views on our chosen topic.

To end it on a good note, we had the National Anthem played by Kartik Kumara Gupta. The assembly was hosted by our enigmatic narrators- Sai Jashmita and Samriddhi.

As a granddaughter of a defense veteran, this topic hits close to home for me; as I know it does for many other people.

To conclude, I salute all those men and women in uniform who are our protectors. Jai Hind!

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