Our health is an invaluable asset. It can make, or break our life. It can aid your success, or it can eternally torment you and thwart your journey towards accomplishment. I have first-hand seen how several vicious cycles of rickety health can stagnate someone in their odyssey of life, making them feel virtually captivated- helpless, befuddled and bearing an earnest hope for change. It thus becomes absolutely crucial to know your body, befriend it and work in tandem with it for optimal functioning.  

I have started a podcast ‘Befriend Your Body’ with a sincere intention of informing people the path towards true wellness, as a curative agent, but also a preventive tool. This podcast would help people suffering with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity, auto-immune patients, those with chronic pain and also any individual determined to adopt a great lifestyle and evolve to become a holistically healthy achiever- thus a podcast relevant to all age groups

Starting off by giving a brief overview of the prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the world today, I would then introduce you to a four-pillar plan to combat these diseases, inculcate a healthy lifestyle and boost longevity. Sustainable health encompasses several dimensions to it and focusing equally on all these factors is the secret towards all-round wellness. Thus, these pillars are individually discussed over several episodes, with a deep dive analysis and roadmap for each. 

So please do listen to it, with an open mind, and I truly feel it can change the way you think, act and live.

With few episodes released for now, the upcoming episodes will be out in the days to come. So please follow the ‘Befriend Your Body’ podcast (available on all major streaming platforms- Spotify, Amazon, apple podcasts, etc.), to stay updated when the next episodes are published. 

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