This year is important. You must devote more time to your studies!”
Remember, extracurriculars really enhance your portfolio!
Remember to take some time for yourself. It helps you function better!”
You should learn to manage your time better.” 

Without a doubt, all of us have heard some or the other variation of these well-intentioned pieces of advice. You must have wondered how on earth one can handle so many things. You could have heard of timetables and resorted to many sources for making one. From lifestyle videos to advice from seniors, there is not one stone left unturned in the quest for a perfect routine. “They know better than me after all” or “They are more experienced” is what you often think. Unfortunately, trusting others more than yourself is where you end up losing the key to successful balance. The fact is, no one knows you better than yourself. The hours you are comfortable with, the number of activities you participate in, and the things you must focus on are best understood by you. This puts you in the lucky position of being the best possible schedule curator you could find. Before you go and start making the perfect timetable, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

Be aware of your limits: 

Do not overexert yourself; it leads to inefficient working and a loss of potential. Could you make sure you are well-rested and hydrated at all times? Periods of rest every day are an absolute must.

Keep it fresh: 

Make sure you are not repeating the same things repeatedly. If you are bored doing one thing for an extended period, switch to a lighter activity as a refresher and then return to whatever you were doing.


Doing what you are good at or have wanted to do for a long time is tempting. But in the long run, it isn’t feasible. Make sure you allot time to weak areas as much as possible so you can improve. Your schedule must be diverse to be productive.

Stick to it: 

Making a schedule is the easy part; following it religiously will be a challenging task. It requires effort and dedication. Yes, it won’t be easy, but do not lose hope. The fruits will be worth all the action and even more.

Last but not least, Believe in yourself. You can only achieve what you want if you believe in your capabilities.

That’s all that I wanted to share. The rest of the work is in your hands. Good luck, mate!

Swathi Viswanathan

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