Environment Day

How many times have we read articles about the worsening environment and ignored them? How many times have we turned a blind eye to cautions and cries for help about the environment, thinking they’re “someone else’s” problem? How many times have the words of scientists, experts, and activists fallen on deaf ears? 

Today, CMR National Public School chose to address the answers to these questions. We began our Environment Day event with a riveting talk from Amogh Busnur, a representative from Eesha Foundation. He told us some facts about the condition of the soil in the world. He said that according to the United Nations, in 50-60 years there would be no viable agricultural soil. Also, the soil needs a minimum of 3% of organic content to be productive. But currently, 62% of soil has less than 0.05% organic content. Solving the problem of soil will tackle 16 Sustainable Development Goals. If we cannot control the soil situation, a nutritional deficiency will be rampant. Already, 3/4th of the US population is deficient in macronutrients. Sustaining a minimum of 3% organic content in soil is not even legally supported. 

This Environment Day, CMR National Public School chose the theme of global consciousness, aiming to spread awareness about the importance of being in contact with the environment. Of course, 40 years down the lane, when the world has no food, a financially secure job won’t make a difference. All the students of CMR wrote beautiful letters to the Prime Minister to advocate for change. Imaginative illustrations, poems, and essays were created. 

Its mass action towards preserving the environment was taken. As Bob Dylan said- How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see? The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind….

It’s up to us Aviendha Asati to make a change. 


Grade 12 F

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