It is obvious how important that the adult is to be prepared. Education starts with the preparation of the adult rather than that of the child. A chapter in ‘Secret of childhood’ starts with the statement “The preparation of the adult does not consist in acquiring notions, not merely in the study, but there is need a preparation of a moral order”. This preparation has to be intellectual. We need to develop the knowledge we have acquired recently and the knowledge we had earlier. 

We should have a child-oriented approach and focus on how we can help children. They are the ones who carry the culture and generation. To understand children in a better way, we have to unlearn and relearn. We have to transform ourselves completely. We cant help children with intentions, we can do it with actions.

A child’s development will happen physically and psychologically only till the age of 18. Later, it is only living. All psychological development happens before six years of age. Personality is formed within 6 years. Every child is born with all capacities and potentials. To elaborate their potentials a proper basement should be provided. We should have clarity about what is skills and capacity. Skills can be delayed, but capacity should be explored within six years.

Firstly, we should know what are the needs of a child and what is the wants of the child. 

  • From birth to three years, the child observes everything around.
  • During three to six years, a child will become more conscious. We cant teach three-year-old children, we can only make them experience things. Hands are powerful instruments, if we reach things to their hands and that will provide them intelligence by experience and testing. They go according to reality.
  • From six to twelve years, the second stage of development starts automatically before completing the first stage. They also change more physically. They go beyond reality. They will have more imagination and also it is the stage with the beginning of reasoning mind. They learn to take turns. They learn how to lead groups.

This is the stage where they start questioning. Morality will be very high in them. The usage of the word ‘I’ starts from this age.

  • Between twelve to eighteen years, children will have more effect on psychology. They think they know everything. They will be in a position like “ I can handle my life better than others”. They are not in control of emotions, every emotion goes to its peak. They will become more conscious about the body(physical change/appearance). They wish to be economically independent.

We should educate children about basic hygiene, personality, and social life. Once the age is crossed, we cant teach them.

We are the model of children:

  • You speak well with people, a child does
  • You behave well with people, a child does
  • You respect people, a child does
  • You do negative things, a child does that as well

We should equip ourselves. Make sure that the render to a child should be given in the right time, right manner, for the right purpose. All the help we offer to a child should be offered scientifically, deliberately, and methodically. Our help should be efficient, necessary, and sufficient.

Children are born with potentiality, we should recognize it. They have powers with them by nature, which helps them in development. We should allow them to achieve their Will Power, by giving them a lot of opportunities. We should allow children to think, by helping them to unite body and mind.

Let us all try to help children as much as we can. We must be conscious of how much we learn from them and also how this awareness largely depends on how we help them. Let us help all children and ourselves. Lastly, I would like to mention this great saying “We will not prepare children only for exams, let us also prepare them for life.”

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