Can you imagine a city without a government? A place without electricity, security (police), sewage systems, roads, solving disputes, vaccines, managing trade, and a lot of other things. Yes, it would be very hard to live without all these basic necessities, but there is a city in India, privately run by corporations and companies-Gurgaon in Haryana.

The establishment of this city was quite unexpected after the relocation of Delhi, a large space of land remained untouched until Sanjay Gandhi wanted to build car manufacture in the empty land, which later on failed and was brought by Maruthi Suzuki, which hired 20000 people in the small town. Later on, more companies pitched in, like Dell, American Express, Nestle, and many other brands because of the cheap labor, less bureaucracy for land, the geographical distance to Delhi, and an International Airport, which led to the formation of the city Gurgaon home to 1.2 million residents.

Their Amelioration:
As the influence of these companies grew, a section of scholarly middle classers rose, and the companies were throwing shards of luxury into the city. But there was still no government answering the people’s basic demands such as electricity, water, sewage system, public haulage, so the companies supplied it to them, metro systems, roads, tower stations, you name it. 2/3rds of the city isn’t even connected to the sewage system, and they don’t even realise that after they finish their business in their washroom, all the waste is dumped outside the estate properties. The electricity may be turbulent, but the residents won’t even realise, which is powered by diesel-powered generators. Fire engines are moderately public services by companies. Gurgaon has a publicly employed 4000 police officers, and a privately owned legion of 35000 security. In the business hub of Cybercity, the security is just immensely strong. This city also is one of the wealthiest and cleanest cities in India.

The downsides:
Just as any city in India, Gurgoan also has a fly in its ointment. Each place owned by a company might be the highest classes of luxury and beauty like Golf clubs, swimming pools, penthouses, and a bunch of these. But as soon as you step out of these company spaces, you get the perfect glimpse of rural India, unattended roads, floods, traffic just to name a few. Even in the center of these cyber hubs, there is immense traffic, pollution, and dust, and there has been a problem with Law and order in the city. Other problems are high costs, owning land or renting apartments can be very expensive here in Gurgaon.

I would like to conclude by saying that this city stands out in front of Indian cities, it displays as an example of limited capitalism. So I would surely recommend you to visit this beauty of a city. Thus, we can see what might be in the front for India, and how much more can we expect from this city.

Thank you,

Sai Pranay, Class-8C

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