Learning has always been fun and informative. The same has been the case of the “Brain Benders” club. We joined this club and twisted our minds to solve lots of problems given to us by our wonderful teachers. Learning showcase is a day where we can exhibit and show to our fellow students and parents what we learnt during this journey.

We went through the preparation of the content with lots of riddles & brain teasers. We demonstrated our skills to the audience.  Learning showcases getting conducted online was a new experience for us, we were hoping it to have the same level of impact as offline learning showcases. 

Finally, the day arrived for us to ‘Rock n Roll’.

We were happy to see so many parents and students joining the learning showcase event in spite of their busy schedule which was a huge encouragement to all of us. We started the event on time and went through the slides. Parents and fellow students participated in the riddles & brain teasers and responded with their answers which were highly interactive. Our parents had lots of fun solving problems and getting their brains bent. 

In the end, the participants were asked to share feedback and they filled in their affirmations.

 I would end by saying that we brain benders would like to thank our teachers for giving us this opportunity to exhibit our learning and it was a huge success. 

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