Black Lives Matter

What would you do if you were discriminated against for color? Would you chauvinist them back or ignore them? Hello, My name is Sai Pranay from class 8-C, and today I am here to show my thoughts on discrimination based on color. 

Racism is the chauvinism of a fellow citizen, based on their color, mostly black people. Our society has stereotypes of black people that they are immature, illiterate, poor, robbers, cause trouble, and many horrible things, The reason black people are being discriminated against is that black people were slaves of white people for hundreds of years and weren’t given equal rights, so till today, the majority of the people mutually hate them, so they are getting in equalized, and millions of people, have stereotypes that Black people are not smart, or they are robbers or they are just a danger to society but they are still humans it is wrong to outcast them in that way. There are great people of black skin color, who have achieved great things, so we can still consider that they are not hateful, ex-Nelson Mandela(Person who fought for independence against white people in South Africa), Barack Obama(First Black President of USA), Serena Williams(World famous tennis player), and a lot more people, if they could have fought racism we can too, they did not listen to the societies word’s like “Black people aren’t supposed to be here!”, “You can’t achieve this, get lost!”, but they believed in themselves and did this.

#Blacklivesmatter is a global organization set in the US, the UK, and Canada and a movement that started in 2013, with the kill of an African-American, Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, with the slogan-#BLACKLIVESMATTER, spread through social media, starting from the United States of America by three female black organisers-Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tomet who created the black lives matter movement, By the death of George Floyd by the hands of the police in Minneapolis it spread internationally to erase white supremacy and prevent violence put upon black communities, by fighting through non-violence against violence, this is to show Black Lives do Matter. Society still needs to change a lot, and they have absurd stereotypes, for example, One direction band leader supported #BLACKLIVESMATTER, and he lost millions of fans all over the world, this shows how stereotyped people are and how much they hate black lives supporters. If more people join this movement the world can change into a way better society and an honest and trustworthy community, and see Black people as humans, not an outcast.

If you are being chauvinist based on anything about you, it is not true about you, ignore anything that society says don’t focus on the negative but focus on the positive about you, don’t look at the negative, believe in yourself, and achieve your dreams. What I am saying is that not that you should go around telling that you support this movement, would, in reality, would do absolutely nothing, but to truly support this movement, join the protests, and actually stop the discrimination of black people, don’t let anyone do it to you, or anyone else, and most importantly you don’t do it discriminate others. There is no problem if you do not join this movement but just don’t see black people as an outcast or anyone else, just see everyone as humans.

Thank you.

By, Sai Pranay, Grade 8C, CMRNPS

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