We in the fashion designing club were glad to have Mrs. Meera Joshi, an eminent fashion designer who has worked both abroad as well as in our country. She had come to enlighten us on fashion and everything that goes behind the curtains or in this case the ramps. From sketching to walking, we got a tour of the whole journey in a mere 45 mins. We learned about Haute-Couture (hi-fashion), the Prêt-à-Porter (ready to wear), and the mass market.

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Haute-Couture is said to be the highest form of fashion, designed especially for the elite, with just one piece stitched.  To be a couture designer one has to be recognized by the famous  Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. It is required to have at least one fashion house in Paris. The Prêt-à-Porter is factory-made clothes ready to be worn, sold in their specific outlets. These are made by fashion labels like that of Global Desi or Biba to name a few. The mass markets sell clothes made by cheaper materials. They are often copies of the dresses made by bigger fashion designers.

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She took us through the different steps of creating a collection. Designing a collection starts with finding your inspiration, documenting it into a journal, making a mood board, preparing a fabric board, and so on. She shared a few videos on how the big fashion houses prepare for its fashion shows.

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The session ended with a few questions to which she shared her inputs and experiences. The talk was very enlightening and we thank her for taking the time to share her valuable knowledge.


Srishti Rajaram

Grade X

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