Our class assembly was held on the 8th of September 2021. Our topic was ‘Acceptance and Diversity’. Since we weren’t able to come to a common conclusion we decided to alter the topic and make it about self-acceptance.

As a class, we put out many ideas and combined and put them in an order such that everyone’s ideas were portrayed in the video. We divided ourselves into groups and assigned work to each of us for the contribution to be equal.

 We assigned roles as to who will do it. Once that was done the scriptwriting team thought of many ways by how they could portray self-acceptance in a play of 10 minutes. Then they came up with the movie: ‘Mean Girls’ where the situation was kind of similar to when they all had their light bulbs lit at the same time. We could similarly make the skit. But it was not as easy as that, many alterations had to be done before coming up with something that might convey the message to the audience when they look at the play. We did not want to make it too complicated or too simple but something more realistic which is currently going on in our current generation. Plus we had the pandemic still going on and schools had not reopened yet, the youth were pretty much drawn more to social media affecting them.

That is when the dialogues, the songs, and the sets were decided.
Next, coming to the shooting of the skit. The main actors took some time to get the scenes shot because of the exams and it was done bit by bit. The ones who were doing the sub-acting parts were said to do it online as they didn’t need to shoot the scenes offline.

Once that was done we assigned the rest of the class roles to be done throughout the assembly such as prayer, news, thought, and student talk.
Prayer- Anagha
News- Shacchi
Thought- Vindhya
Student Talk- Smriti
Teachers talk- Ms. Reya.
We had Ruhi as the anchor as well as Erin accompanying her.

We gave suggestions to each other on what words to use and how to present the play, whether it will be in between the talks or not, what words could be used by the anchors. For student’s speech, how should the expressions be with the voice modulation same applied for the news and thought of the day?

Discussion of the bloopers and the rap would be portrayed within the play.
About 5 run-throughs were done to time ourselves and reduce the percent of error done by us. The day before the assembly we did one last run-through which went pretty well giving us the confidence that the assembly will go great.

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