Storytelling is an ancient and valuable art that extends around the globe. The History of stories dates back to the existence of human life depicted in the paintings, Sculptures, arts, etc. We all are surrounded by stories infact the bedtime stories also sometimes narrate the history and guide us to the future. They teach us, entertain us, deliver a serious message and make us imagine a whole new world.

Stories have lasted for years and will still last for the years to come. At CMRNPS we welcomed the Veteran storyteller Mrs. Geeta Ramanujam and Mrs. Rohini from Kathalaya who like the pied piper captivated the students with the stories of the Green Caterpillar and Hudumba the Elephant. The expressions were so authentic; you could just mistake a caterpillar talk for itself. The Dhollak, brought in so much energy, that the students hummed the song as they left the campus for the day. The stories were woven to include the students of CMRNPS in it. Math, Science and learning for life was also woven into the stories which, students understood in ease and picked up as a take away from this session.


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