SIMRAN GRACE SATYANARAYAN is the commerce topper of CMRNPS with 96.2%. Beautiful, poised, mature and charming, Simran is talented and resourceful. She emphasizes the need for a relaxed mind for better focus and eventual success. Simran is grateful for her teachers to constantly encourage her and be available to clarify her doubts. Her fun times at School were the lunch breaks, short breaks, and math classes. Here is her success story;

Did you have a fixed pattern of study? How did you prepare for the exam?

There was no fixed pattern as such. I would just study for a few hours and take breaks in between. I would do combined studies and solved the questions papers of previous years which helped me a lot.  It gave an idea of the pattern and the type of questions that can come in the board.

What was your day like during the study holidays?

It was a pretty normal day. It was a good balance of relaxation and study. I would study as much as could and then relax my mind by maybe watching some movies or listening to music.

What was your coping mechanism during the exams? what was your stress-buster?

Definitely music and some movies were my stress buster. My friends and family really helped, just talking to them would relieve me of my stress.

What was the highlight of your success?

The highlight was scoring more in economics than business studies since business is my stronger subject. and getting a better percentage than the CMRNPS toppers of the previous years.  It was pretty unexpected at first but later on, it felt good as I was being recognized for my hard work and dedication. All this would not have been possible with the support of my teachers who were of great help. They were always there to clear all my doubts and help and encourage me.

The success mantra that you want to share with other students?

Not to stress too much, and have a major stress buster by your side. Study as much as you can but do not get intimidated or pressurized by others. Just try to balance it out.

And in the age of digital distractions, did you have to stay away from gadgets for the month,

Not at all. They didn’t really act as a distraction for me.

What are your best memories from College?

My best memories are the times spent with my friends any day and with some of my teachers too. The lunch breaks, short breaks, and math classes were fun!

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