Have you observed recent developments in how schools conduct exams, organise competitions and engage with students?

Examinations now focus more on descriptive and perspective-driven assessments rather than repeating memorised information. Whereas competitions serve as a means of encouraging children to explore new avenues and push their boundaries. When it comes to communication between teachers and students, one can observe a shift from authoritarian dialogue to more open, friendly and constructive conversations.

Educators are consciously implementing meaningful, strategic teaching methods, inspiring the children to grow into independent learners capable of adapting to an ever-changing world. Therefore, it is to be observed with great care that knowledge is expanding, crossing timelines and borders, hence the traditional definition of success in an educational set-up, especially among progressive schools in India, is no longer relevant.  

CMR National Public School has embarked on a journey to redefine success in education by embracing a shift from traditional grade-centred learning to a more skill-based approach. Here are some of the significant steps taken on this transformative path:

  1. Empowering Young Minds 

To make a difference in the world, we assist and empower students in FINDING:

  1. A World Beyond Boundaries – Students move beyond the boundaries of traditional classroom learning through technology-rich immersive learning experiences.
  2. New Ways to Learn – Through our work exposure programs, expert talks, and outbound learning initiatives, children receive hands-on learning experiences.
  3. Their Heroes – Our community of educators and students inspire and guide each other to shift perspectives, share new experiences and promote growth.
  4. A Place in the World – Kindness and empathy are the guiding light to our students as they develop a sense of connection with themselves and others through our enrichment programs. 
  5. Unique Voice – Children at CMR NPS are heard, understood, and encouraged to voice out their opinions, Through this, children find New Possibilities to explore, create, and grow.

2. Equipping Children with Skills for a Changing World

For children to become truly self-dependent and embrace challenges, it is necessary that they, 

THINK independently while exploring new ideas and gradually developing various unique perspectives. 

LEARN together in a community set-up to understand the dynamics of societal living and develop a strong sense of empathy. 

DO create, care, communicate, and collaborate, turning into creative problem solvers with a shared responsibility to make the world an inclusive and sustainable place. 

3. Design and Innovation for the Digital World

We understand that the students need to learn digital design, an essential skill for success in today’s virtual visual world. CMR NPS provides a platform to foster creativity and innovative thinking among students by giving skill-based electives. We encourage and introduce essential concepts and skills across various design disciplines, preparing students for potential design careers and related qualifications.

The program includes Graphic Design, Visual Merchandising, Digital Design and Screen & Performing Arts, to name a few. 

4. Fostering Life Skills for Holistic Development 

Instilling life skills at a young age is necessary so that children grow into a society not as a separate entity but as a part of it. Montessori schools in Bangalore, like CMR National Public School, consciously equips learners to gain:

AWARENESS and ATTENTIVENESS of their own and others’ thoughts and feelings. 

COMPASSION and EMPATHY are instilled as components of emotional well-being, self-care, and showing courageous compassion towards others.

Children ENGAGE effectively and confidently on a larger community and global level for broad social benefits. 

5. A Perfect Balance of Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

To ensure an all-round development, the school provides opportunities for children to explore and grow academically, physically and socially. Learners explore their creative side through extracurricular activities such as music, art, and sports. This helps to foster a sense of self-esteem and creativity.

As a part of our after-school program, Basketball training, Guitar and Keyboard, Drone Making, Karate, Bharatanatyam, Skating, Robomation, TT, Freestyle Football, Badminton, Taekwondo classes are conducted to enhance students’

  • Agility and Reflexes
  • Focus and Alertness 
  • Patience and Control 
  • Movement and Strategy
  • Design Construction and Operation 
  • Balance and Muscular Strength 
  • Grace and Elegance 
  • Perseverance and Emotional Expression.  

6. Student-led Initiatives for Personal Growth & Leadership Development

Children must be offered infinite opportunities to discover their true potential and soar high! 

At CMR National Public School, we have created different mediums where children can hone their talents and showcase them, one of which is through student-led initiatives:

School Clubs shape students’ interests and hobbies while improving their social and leadership skills. The astronomy club, design challenge club, environment club, culinary club, coding club, and architecture club are our current popular ones with their own goals and objectives. 

School Houses – Intra-school competitions are conducted based on students’ house colours/names, where they collaboratively practise for the ultimate school championship. Team management skills, leadership abilities and strategising are all critical aspects of successful team performance. These competitions help to foster a sense of community and team spirit among students.

Our School Council is one of the ideal platforms for youngsters to learn the nuances of decision-making and collaboration. By being a part of the school council, students discover the importance of communication, teamwork, and community involvement while familiarising themselves with aspects of accountability and adaptability.  

7. Service Learning Program to Cultivate a Culture of Compassion

We inculcate the idea of service among students so that they develop a sense of compassion and love for people, animals and the planet. The program is a revolution that allows children from a very young age to become comfortable with the idea of “We” and “Us”. Initiatives like spot-fixing for safer roads, wildlife conservation through animal adoption, planting saplings and painting sections of the city in the bid to beautify and greenify Bengaluru city call for attention among the individuals in the community to contribute, be kind and help one another. 

8. Silent Architects of Educational Progress

The approaches mentioned above are some of the most prominent examples of the shift from grade-based to skill-based education. However, there are other less visible aspects of this educational transformation, driven by our devoted and lifelong learners: our educators and instructional designers.

Educators and their exemplary passion and dedication towards teaching have been the backbone of CMR National Public School. Their commitment to nurturing the potential of each student and adapting to the changing landscape of education is the driving force behind our progress. 

In parallel, Instructional Designers have played a crucial role in shaping and enhancing the educational experience, ensuring it remains innovative, effective, and aligned with evolving educational goals. Together, these dedicated professionals are the invisible warriors championing the cause of skill-based education, redefining success and shaping the future of our students.

9. Creative Expression Through Makery

In our Makery curriculum, we empower students with the freedom to seamlessly blend various artistic mediums with cutting-edge technological innovations, leading to the creation of captivating installations, interactive exhibits, and digital artworks that transcend traditional boundaries.

This unique approach at the intersection of creativity, innovation, and purpose is supported by dedicated MakerSpaces across our campuses. These dynamic hubs provide students with hands-on experiences, encouraging them to explore, experiment, and learn from their failures without hesitation. 

Equipped with the necessary tools and resources, our Makerspaces serve as catalysts for students to design, create, and invent. Through this program, our primary goal is to cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and collaboration, all while nurturing a growth mindset and igniting a lifelong passion for learning.

Nurturing Innate Potential and Shaping Future

With over 30 years of legacy, CMR National Public School has made significant strides in the field of education, constantly redefining success in the hope of providing value-based, well-rounded education to every child. 

Through innovative initiatives and comprehensive programs, we have equipped our students with vital digital design skills while instilling life skills, cultivating leadership qualities, nurturing creativity, and encouraging a deep commitment to community service. At the heart of this transformation lies our enduring commitment to fostering lifelong learning. 

Our dedicated professionals, along with the young learners, are shaping a future where every child has the opportunity to discover their full potential, in which many have spread their wings and ascended to greater heights. As we continue this transformative journey, we remain steadfast in our mission to create a dynamic, inclusive, and skill-oriented educational environment, empowering students to become the leaders of tomorrow.
At CMR National Public School, we not only have grades 1 to 12 but are the best kindergarten in Bangalore with a Montessori approach. To learn more about us, feel free to get in touch with our approachable Admission Counsellor at 080-47091586 or send an email to admissions@cmrnps.ac.in.

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