We take our parents for granted and don’t realize that things that we do and say can actually hurt them. But today that perception of mine changed. As part of service-learning at CMRNPS students of Grade 11 and 12  were taken to the Guanella Preethi Nivas, a home for the homeless. Going to Guanella Preethi Nivas gave us an idea of what exactly parents have to go through. It was really sad to realize that some children forget and leave their parents in their old age. Parents dedicate their entire life in making us what we are and we insult the people who did everything to make our lives better.

Preethi Nivas is an old age home for those who are abandoned by their families due to various reasons. All the people here are called by the name ‘Good Children’. This is because the father and the founder of this old age home believe that people there can’t differentiate between good and bad things, they don’t know how to discriminate and they also don’t know how to judge people. All they know is everyone living there is a part of the Guanella Preethi Nivas family.

They all pray together, eat together and also dance together. No matter what they have gone through in their lives they never forget to carry a world’s most precious smile on their face. The only thing that they need from the world is love. Their happy faces displayed their excitement on seeing on. All the people of the trust were very happy to know that students and staff of CMRNPS are donating food items and doing something for them. The students showed their respect towards the people of the trust by singing a song for them. This not only made them happy but it also made them feel special. 

The residents of Preethi Nivas danced and sang for the students. It made us happy to know that they had rehearsed it earlier just to give a perfect performance before us. Some of the residents shared their stories with the students which made them emotional.

In general, it was a great experience and a lesson for the students. This experience also made the students to develop gratitude and empathy towards others.

By: Anjhana Ramesh and Shayna Srivastava,

Grade 12

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