Students of Grades 6 to 10 used paint, colors, charts, etc to portray their view on Indian Independence. They came up with many ideas which reflected the spirit of freedom

Some of the ideas depicted were women empowerment after Independence, aerostatic display, rocket launches, flag and how the freedom fighters fought for our country and dedicated their lives for our freedom. Some drew freedom fighters who were the reason behind Indian Independence and some depicted incidences such as Jallianwala Bagh,  Salt March (Dandi March), etc which led to the fight for Independence. The pictures depicted by the students show that they are aware of the struggle of the freedom fighters and they understand the value of freedom.

Students also paid homage to the martyrs through their posters. Some even reflected the lives of the soldier’s families. This shows that they are aware of the lives of the soldiers who safeguard from the enemies. 

The students in each group came up with the content and theme and began to draw the posters. The activity lasted for a good fifty minutes during which the students had plenty of interaction and fun. Poster making is totally student-centered. Once the instructions are given, the teacher’s attention is basically divided in monitoring the students, aiding them to navigate through difficult concepts, and making note of errors for delayed corrections. 

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