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Dear Diary,

The capital of India, New Delhi is an amazing city. Old world charm meets modern infrastructure and luxuries… The food, the shopping, the trip to Agra, seeing the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world and more were just a few things that made this trip a fantastic experience.

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My Delhi Sojourn: Summer of 2018

On 22nd April, my parents and I boarded the Rajdhani Express to visit India’s capital city, New Delhi. After we got our luggage and settled inside the train, the engine started and slowly we were into speed. They served us dinner and ice-cream. After having our dinner, we were off to sleep. Our train had tiers and I got to sleep in the 2nd tier. I stared at the glistening sky and the silhouettes of small creatures and children happily dancing below the sparkling moonlight. Seeing this beautiful night scenery my eyelids slowly touched and I fell asleep.

The next morning, we had breakfast and some coffee. Then I was just mesmerized by the beauty of nature – trees, animals, farms, the sky. What a beautiful scenery! Then we were served our lunch. After having lunch, I rested for a while and when I got up it was evening. They served us dinner and we went to bed immediately as our train would reach the Hazar Nizamuddin station in Delhi.

It was 6 am when we reached the railway station. I was astonished to see the Delhi roads, they were really broad. We booked an OLA cab and drove to the Athena hotel. I was extremely sleepy, so I changed my clothes and went to bed quickly. At almost ten we went out to have a glimpse of the city. We also reminisced about our old memories in Delhi because my parents stayed there before. In the afternoon we went to the Lajpat Nagar market to shop. We also had ice-cream. We came back to the hotel, rested for a while and during the night we went to eat our dinner at the famous Karim’s. They served us exotic and lip-smacking dishes. We came back and went to sleep.

The next day we did more shopping. On Wednesday we went to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal – one of the seven wonders of the world! It was a very long journey and it was scorching but we enjoyed a lot. The Taj Mahal was built by Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz. So, the Taj is an expression of deep love! It was built with pure marble. What an awesome sight it was! On the way back, we also visited the Agra Fort where Shah Jahan was held captive by his son Aurangzeb. We travelled by the new Noida-Agra Expressway. It was so clean, and we drove smoothly. We came home safely. We also saw the Parliament House, the India Gate and the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

On 26th April while we were enjoying our Delhi tour, we decided to stay at The Lalit hotel. It was a 5-star category hotel, so it was extremely luxurious. It was a three-towered hotel. I felt like I was in heaven when I entered. The halls were decorated with carpets, lights and chandeliers. There were many foreigners in the lobby. We checked in and our room was on the 21st floor. We got the city side. We could see the whole city, Delhi. It felt like we were on top of the world. The room was very brightly lit with golden lights and lamps. The beds were really soft, comfy and cozy. We rested for some time and then went near the swimming pool. It was my favourite part of the day. I immediately changed into my swimsuit and dived right in. My father and I floated on the water for a long time. Then we came back to our room, changed into our clothes and went out to eat at Karim’s. They again served us mouth-watering dishes. We came back and jumped into bed.

Next morning, we got ready and rushed downstairs to have our breakfast. They really served us exotic lip-smacking and mouth-watering dishes. We tasted everything from continental to sweet. We were mesmerized by the taste. We went swimming for some more time and checked out. I had a sweet time at the hotel and enjoyed there thoroughly.

We did more shopping and the next day we boarded a train to Bangalore. I enjoyed my trip thoroughly and I am looking forward to my next trip.

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