Movies- an enchanting way to spend your free evenings! They leave you captivated like nothing else, and give life to your imagination. To most, movies are a way to escape from reality- a medium through which one lives the life they do in their dreams. For a mere two and a half hours, our mind is occupied with the enrapturing thoughts of a world beyond. 

However, the important question creeps up is it a healthy escape? With a proper limit, and if viewed with the right intentions then!

Movies not only help serve as a platform for one to express themselves and find something to relate to but also help one’s creativity flow better than ever before. They help clear your creative blocks or simply serve as a stress-buster, the latter being true for most people in today’s day and age. Kicking your feet up and intently getting lost in the worlds of comedy, sci-fi, chick-flicks or action, and drama with a chocolate in hand, is the best way to end one’s tiring day.

Watching a movie is not the trivial task of just viewing for pleasure, it is a way through which one can understand themselves and the world around them better. While being completely immersed in the moving screens, your thoughts do not linger at the surface level of the movie. They dig deep and help you connect with the characters you see. You see emotions portrayed that you are afraid of accepting. They give you a sense of purpose and comfort. They help you better express your personality and grow into your skin with confidence.

Interestingly enough, movies help cure burnout. It is widely believed that sitting aimlessly in front of the big, black, box is a poor utilization of one’s time and that it is a sign of ‘laziness’. Contrary to this, a good motivational, fun movie can help one become better motivated to get back to their tasks. 

In conclusion, movies are an excellent way to escape briefly from reality and connect with yourself. Watching a movie is a perfect way to unwind and reflect on oneself- and maybe even catch a few lost snoozes along the way. They add a dash of beauty to every other aspect of your life and help you move through life with a skip in your step and a tune on your lips. 

Karen Grace Rohit- 10A

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