Those were quite normal working days. The news of the deadly virus outbreak was well heard in our ears until we actually felt it come into our “neighbourhood”. Suddenly schools began to shut, offices started functioning online and we were left with a path, just not knowing where we were heading. 

The first lockdown was an experience by itself for every individual. We saw each one nurturing their hobbies, indulging in things which they have never tried before. We explored ourselves, learning something new to feel proud of.

Little did we realize that the deadly virus.The Covid 19 was slowly turning into a pandemic. That’s the time digital technology swept over the educational system. Online classes became the talk of the town and gained popularity. For some, it was a fun factor and for many, it was a new learning challenge. 

Indian education history will never forget its digital evolution across the country in  the last 2 years. Online portals and applications like Microsoft teams, Google meet, Zoom became the need of the hour. Internet connectivity assumed gigantic importance and “Am I audible?”; “Can you hear me?” became the hit dialogues of the epoch. E-learning and the exchange of e-contents became the new normal.

Working in the educational field and being an educator myself, it was a welcoming digital experience. I agree with the initial technical difficulties faced but needless to mention the time that was saved during the course of teaching and learning online was a revelation. Teaching strategies progressed in its innovations and several tools and platforms were used to make learning more interesting. Students experienced a new mode to imbibe knowledge.

While the world changed entirely in terms of education, what each of us lacked was the personal contact with others and our young minds. What hurt us the most, being in the education system, is to see how our most precious student community’s steady decline of social and life skills.

Little things matter!……So waking up early, dressing up neatly, greeting others, managing time, showing discipline, completing tasks, eating at  appropriate times, empathy, care, kindness, respect are all which seemed to have taken a backseat with time. 

Today’s young minds are tomorrow’s future. We as educators strive hard to bring the best. Keeping that strong intention in our minds and holding immense positivity in our hearts, we look forward to having a normal time real soon.

The students have, by and large, embraced the current digital education system and while we all wait “TO RETURN TO SCHOOL” , I would like to sign off with this small but strong quote-

“All students are creative and deserve the ability to let that creativity flourish in all its elementary beauty.” ….Mr. Edwards

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