Adolescence-A turmoil or A blooming phase

Stupendo-fantabulously phantasmagorically magical!
If you are a reality show viewer at all, I’m sure you must have heard of this phrase. Because that’s how I got hooked onto it from a dance reality show. It just amazed me to see the turmoil that the judge might have to go through in order to pronounce that entire line for any performance that was exceptional. Honestly, the phase of adolescence probably isn’t that more difficult a turmoil than telling the phrase, is what I thought back then.

Adolescence-a stage quite misunderstood by many, including me as one of the most difficult stages in a child’s life. Often heard people say,
“Oh, she has hit thirteen?”
“Is he a teenager?”
“ Oh my God! How would you manage for the next few years?”

Thanks to my education, I am grateful for my experiences as an educator which has made me realise that there indeed lies a much more positive approach to this stage in a child’s growth than what is concluded of it. I have always been a person well accommodated amongst kids of young age groups. Connections happened naturally but a sense of communication came through with time.

We often misunderstand students to be the most rebellious, stubborn, and unmanageable in their so-called ‘teens’. Have we ever thought that most of these difficult teens have the same feelings about us adults as well?… :). The entire world around us is evolving, technology is raising its bar and so is our ease to deal with many things. So why not also make changes to deal with our new rising young generation?

As we are aware, the phase of adolescence is the one with significant changes. It may be physical, psychological, emotional and the list is long. A transitional change where our children equally need our support to ‘go’ through it and to ‘grow’ through it. During my interactions with my students as a teacher, I actually realized how unique individuals each of my students was growing into. All that they need and probably might not even know to ask for is that tiny little support from us, our ears to listen to them, accept them for what they are, and appreciate them for what they are becoming. If it calls for traveling a day being in their shoes, treating them the way we want ourselves to be treated or listening to them just the way we wish to be heard, it would be worth it.

While I say these, I do not disagree with the fact that this stage is a challenge for many. However, all that I say is, let us act as evolving individuals. Let us change our approach towards young minds. Learning and enriching ourselves about this world of adolescence is an effective step towards helping them. Keep the genuine connection and communication channels open. I have realized that when there is a sense of understanding displayed, it is a progression towards shaping some wonderful human beings of tomorrow.

As a parent, I’m not sure how successful I can be while I go through this stage in my life with my child. But there is hope, a challenge, a positive approach for a better outcome. And that is what I wish to convey from my experience as an educator. Once that mindset is built, Adolescence is no longer a turmoil but a blooming phase and it can effortlessly be called
‘Stupendo fantabulously phantasmagorically magical!’

By, Ms. Pravitha Nair, Middle School Academic Coordinator, CMRNPS

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