K Varsha is a Science Toppers of CMR National Public Schools with 96.6%. She has also scored 99 in Chemistry and Computer science. When asked about her success story, she said “ There is no shortcut to success. I have learned that working hard, never giving up and staying in the right path will always pay off.” In this blog, Varsha talks about how she actually managed this success with some studying tricks and the support of her teachers. 

Did you really expect to top the school?

I honestly never expected to top the school. I was overwhelmed with joy when I found out my total percentage and was even happier when I learned that I topped the school. My goal right from the beginning was to be consistent and work as hard as possible.

Did you have a fixed pattern of study? How did you prepare for the exam?

I studied regularly and did all my work on time. Working hard right from the beginning and being consistent throughout is very important. I never really counted the number of hours I studied each day, but on average, it would be around 4 hours during a regular school day. All my teachers emphasized on getting my basic concepts right and also advised us to revise the already learned chapters, from time to time. I had completed at least 2-3 rounds of thorough learning right before the exams. And during the study holidays before each exam, I only revised the main topics and went through NCERT.

Do solving old question papers help?
Yes, solving previous years’ question papers definitely helped. It sharpened my concepts and gave me a clear idea about the type of questions asked by the board. My teachers always stressed on the importance of paper presentation. I learned a lot while going through the previous years’ papers as it clearly told me how to answer and also how not to answer.

What was your day like during the study holidays?

Firstly, I made sure that I was well rested and took breaks from time to time. I would study for around 7-8 hours in a day. I also made sure that I contacted my teachers every time I came across difficult questions. I wrote a number of tests and also timed myself.

What was your coping mechanism during the exams? What was your stress-buster?

Every time I became stressed, I spoke to my parents. They have been my biggest support always. They always motivated me and made sure that I didn’t pressurize myself too much. Apart from that, I really like singing and doing photography. So every time I found myself tensed, I would just keep my books aside and either sing on top of my voice or pick my camera and start clicking pictures.

What was the highlight of your success?

I was thrilled at the fact that I got 99 in two of my favorite subjects, Chemistry and Computer Science (though I was a little disappointed I couldn’t hit the 100 marks).

And in the age of digital distractions, did you have to stay away from gadgets for the month?

I actually didn’t stay away from social media or electronic gadgets even during the exams. It helped me talk to my friends and also helped me relax sometimes. My parents were always there to remind me every time they thought I was overusing it. So personally I feel that it’s okay to use your gadgets as long as you’re under control.

How did CMRNPS help in your preparation for the Boards?

My teachers in CMRNPS were very supportive and understanding. As I said earlier, they always laid stress on getting our basic concepts cleared. They were always ready to help us and cleared our doubts whenever we had any.

How did it feel with the spotlight on you?

I feel extremely happy to have topped the school and to have made my parents proud. I wish to work hard and do well in the future as well.

The success mantra that you want to share with other students?

There is only one thing I would like to say. There is no shortcut to success. I have learned that working hard, never giving up and staying in the right path will always pay off.

What are your best memories from College?

My best memories from school definitely involve my friends. I will always cherish our trip to Yercaud, Ethnic Day and Graduation Day. They were always there to motivate and encourage me whenever I lacked confidence. The lunch breaks are something that I would never ever forget, as it always lightened our moods.


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