Jason Krithik Kumar achieved 94.8% in grade 12 – CBSE Science. Being systematic and following a day’s schedule helped Jason reach greats heights. In this blog Jason shares his success story;

I was baffled by the fact that I made it to the toppers list though I hadn’t prepared for it, and to be under the spotlight of this success was remarkable. My success mantra was reading topics taught on the same day and getting doubts cleared at the earliest, to well balance board and competitive preparation. My teachers were very supportive, and the tips and advice given by the was of substantial help. I anyway regret not scoring higher though.

I used to learn whatever was taught that day, during the night after my coaching classes. I practiced the previous year paper which was of great help; it helped me recognize my weak topics and helped me to manage time better. During the study holidays, I was engaged in preparing for competitive exams and managing enough time to prepare for boards.

During exams, I tried to keep myself relaxed and minimize distraction. I resorted to my phone when I felt stressed or bored. I would ensure not to waste much time on my phone though. I minimized the time I spent on social media.

The best of memories at school were the ones during PT, lunch, graduation and ethnic day. I would thank my parents, teachers, school, and friends for what I have achieved as it would have been impossible without their help and guidance.

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