As teachers, we have witnessed students’ remarkable growth by applying simple yet effective tricks between our lessons to help them grasp challenging concepts and foster a love for learning.  

Alongside traditional teaching methods, infusing a lot of creativity and dynamism into our classrooms is when magic happens. Students turn from being mere recipients of information to active contributors to the learning process. 

Many times, we might have seen that encouraging their involvement in team projects and group discussions and showing enthusiasm for their questions have not just been strategies but have become catalysts for internalising subject matter and cultivating a lifelong love for learning. 

This article draws inspiration from the innovative practices of our esteemed educators at CMR National Public School. It aims to showcase their advanced methods for enhancing the culture of active student participation.

Five Powerful Strategies for Student Involvement:

  1. Show Them Before You Tell Them

Children sleep to boring lectures; we know it as soon as the yawns begin sprouting from one corner of the room to another like a contagious wave of boredom. 

So, application-based topics, especially in Science and Maths, kick off with an awe-inspiring experiment before diving into theory or showcasing a real-world application on the screen.

Any good school in Bangalore, where teachers employ this technique, will have children jumping out of their seats, eager to ask countless questions.

“Show them the magic before handing out the spellbook!”

  1. Don’t Overload Their Plates

Sometimes, in a hurry to finish a few chapters, we cram the entire lesson into one go. This has never been a student’s ideal recipe for effective learning; it’s more like a fast-food approach to education. 

Introduce the most essential concepts and key ideas in bite-sized portions. Use pop-culture references, a more enjoyable alternative to complex real-life scenarios, and observe how each topic piece connects in their minds, building a strong foundation. 

When you slice and spice it up, students eagerly engage in lively discussions with friends beyond the classroom.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Hogwarts magic in literature or decoding the science behind superhero stunts?

“Serve them bite-sized portions while speaking their language.”

  1. Set Up the Scene 

There are so many ways to introduce children to complex literary concepts. One practical approach is incorporating contextual elements such as age, sensibilities, and significant themes through visual aids. 

The visual aids, such as – images and objects, serve to immerse students in the atmospheric nuances of the genre, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of the literary period.

After the class, ask them to create storyboards, concept posters, and concept drawings, which promotes creative participation and a great deal of understanding. 

“Set a stage for focus and productivity.”

  1. All carrots, No Stick!

Conclude your lesson with a quick quiz and a rewarding twist!

Ever wonder why Candy Crush is so addictive? It’s the thrill of conquering stages and unlocking achievements at the end.

Everyone, children included, delights in a well-deserved reward, whether it’s a virtual badge, a shoutout, or even a playful certificate. Consider incorporating a quiz at the end of the lesson and grant one of the rewards mentioned above to keep the learning experience engaging and enjoyable.

The only rule, if you ask? Make it fun and leave them wanting more, which not only involves participation from the quietest ones in the class but also motivates everyone to stay prepared for your upcoming classes. 

“Keep it fun, and let them leave with a smile.”

  1. Choose, Choice Revolution

To genuinely engage children, when offered a diverse approach, they love being part of choosing one that suits their talents or challenges them

For example, allowing students to pick between collaborative projects, interactive discussions, or individual research projects empowers them to align their learning style with their preferences, creating a classroom environment where enthusiasm and active participation thrive.

“Transform the classroom into a vibrant place of ideas.”

CMR National Public Schools’ Initiatives to Encourage Student Participation

CMR NPS, one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, takes immense pride in creating an environment that fosters student participation and celebrates their contributions. 

We use innovative and engaging strategies to make learning vibrant and exciting. Our approach to education aligns with the idea that learning should be an adventure that leaves students eager to explore and participate. 

We believe in application-based learning and delivering knowledge in bite-sized portions. We aim to enhance the educational journey for every student and empower them with a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom. Through these initiatives, we prepare students for a future where curiosity and active engagement are the keys to success.

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