The Indian Music Experience (IME), India’s first hi-tech interactive music museum, is a vibrant music hub, providing visitors an educative and unique cultural experience of the diversity of Indian music, from the traditional to the contemporary. The IME is an initiative of the Indian Music Experience Trust, a non-profit charitable organization, supported by the Brigade Group.


It was a unique and special experience for the students. It’s Bangalore’s way of commemorating the rich fabric of Indian music and selected foreign influences. Students were informed about the different types of instruments – wind, percussion, string, etc and had the opportunity to see 105 instruments.  The immersive experience where you can listen to various genres of music understands its origins was just great and also the section on the influence of international music genres on Indian music. They saw the transition of music from 1940 to the millennial and learned about the two types of classical music. ie, Carnatic and Hindustani music and the great composer and saints of the two types of music. Students enjoyed the journey of learning about music. 

It is an awesome place for all people because of the beautiful experience of music and photography. It has a very beautiful architecture. It is the finest museum, it’s so neat and clean and the interiors are very well made. The underlying fact is kids and adults will enjoy it and will be awestruck for sure.

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