Little Writer’s Meet:

Ms.Subha began the session by narrating a story on how she participated in writing contest during her school days and won a contest when she was in grade 4. She also narrated a story of an imaginary castle where students closed their eyes and travelled to a castle where everything was made of cake, gems and ice cream. Students really enjoyed this part. 

Children were told to write a story at home. They were asked to imagine, write and show it to parents. While writing a story it is important to imagine the students have to jot down three words  and sentences which came to the mind first and to point out happy things in it. 

Ms.Subha concluded the session by explaining to children on how one could make an inexpensive alphabet book, pocket picture book and story book of their own. Few little writers who were inspired by the talk, walked up to Ms.Subha and started sharing the stories which they had already written.

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