When author, musician and entrepreneur Christopher Doyle visited our school this Wednesday, the students of CMRNPS were opened up to a whole new world of unsolved mysteries and secrets of nature, and that of our ancestors. He elaborated on the rich cultures, forgotten histories and famous legends from across the world, drawing a stark line of contrast between history and mythology; that facts are different from fables.

Emphasizing on the notion that more often than not, fiction is used to connect facts and theories, Mr.Doyle gave us insights into how an author connects the dots and tries explaining his/her version of the theory and beliefs in the most intriguing manner.

With interesting connections of Asian Gods to the Irish ones, the origins of Stone Henge and even the existence of Alexander the Great – some mind-boggling theories were discussed, with an extensive question-answer session where students could ask the author any questions or queries on the aforementioned topics.

Overall, it was an amazing interactive session that captured all minds into one premise made our day as it closed with a book signing from the bestselling writer.

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