The year 2020 is the year of change. I never thought about this aspect when I watched the movie 2020 and how the world will ever change like this. Change is the only constant and I started believing this after joining this institute where every day is a challenge to ensure that “Students live the lessons”. I have started loving this challenge where I learn, unlearn, and relearn every moment. The education system is evolving. We are blessed to be part of this evolutionary journey. 

Some aspects changed overnight and there was no time to even think about this change except to embrace it. Thus, 

  • Greenboard evolved to Zoom Whiteboard 
  • Powerschool evolved to Schoology 
  • School Interactive panels evolved to our laptops/tablets etc. 

Our experience is the best teacher. Be it preparing quick recipes, using laptops like a champ, or implementing micro plans not only in engaging with teaching-learning but also in our lives. We have become so efficient in multitasking. We are at task every minute be it replying to messages in Schoology, preparing for the classes, completing courses or posting highlights, etc. One moment I speak about Heredity and the very next class I discuss the Homologous Series of Carbon with my students. Additionally, as women, we play multiple roles in a day being a teacher, mother, wife, daughter- in- law, etc. And, now I have started believing that we do have superpowers like the Goddess Durga with ten arms

The transition from one role to another is not easy but we do take conscious efforts to justify each role without compromising on the other. We all are undergoing experiential learning along with our students. Kolb defines this type of learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. Knowledge results from the combinations of grasping and transforming the experience.” 

What are these experiences and how have they been transformative is something that I have personally realized with my varied interactions with students in an online learning environment. 

For instance, during the regular classes, I used to include a lot of practical activities so that the students can learn by doing. And I ensured that I continue this as I didn’t want my students to miss the fun of practical activities in the online classes with varied simulations and videos.

For my grade 9 students, I have demonstrated the properties of matter using transparent glasses, sugar, salt, chalk, etc. The students have also analyzed and compared the types of mixtures-true solutions, colloids, and suspensions based on parameters like Transparency, Tyndall Effect, filtration using sugar/salt, milk, mud, sand, mobile torch, tea strainer, etc during the class along with me. And, my grade 10 students have analyzed the presence of ionic compounds in turmeric, honey toothpaste, etc by performing experiments at home to check their solubility in water and conductivity. I was amazed to see how efficiently the circuits were prepared using aluminum foils, buzzers, etc.

One rule that is being followed during these activities is that we imagine that we are in labs. So I take our students to virtual school lab tours where they explore their curiosity and learn with big smiles. Right from collecting sand from the play area to preparing the suspension to steal flowers from my apartment garden to teach dissection. I have used all the resources in and around me in the best possible way. 

In this background of change, there is another significant aspect that has evolved among our students. Knowingly or unknowingly they have incorporated the sense of responsibility and self-learning in them. They are coordinating with their peers for group activities, are making efforts for timely submissions of assignments, they have learned to use the online resources wisely; and are thus evolving day by day as individuals who are ready to take up the upcoming challenges of the world. 

We all are here to make a change. We are constantly making efforts day and night to mold the young minds! And, we see this evolution happening constantly- from change to responsibility, from learning to relearning and so on! 

Madhurima Gupta Sen 
CMR National Public School
Biology & Chemistry: Grade IX and X

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