With the world’s largest youth population and the highest number of student enrollments in post-secondary education, Indian pre-university colleges and schools require college and career counselling to play a unique and crucial role. Research estimates that by 2030, more than half of the world’s youth in low- and middle-income nations will not possess the skills necessary to be part of the modern workforce. It has also indicated that increased participation in activities related to career guidance is strongly associated with improved career readiness. In 2022, the Institute of Student Quest survey of high school students in India revealed that students find College and career guidance very valuable. With India’s new National Educational Policy emphasising skills training, it is crucial for high schools to reflect on the direction they provide students in this vital stage. 

College and Career Guidance (CCG) at CMR-Ekya schools is a program of significant importance. Intending to provide a comprehensive education, we enable our senior school students and parents to make informed decisions about their educational and extracurricular choices and empower them through a journey of self-discovery to culminate in their successful admission into a desired program and University. In addition, the CCG team provides opportunities that help students develop the skills and mindset they need to succeed in the long term. The program also includes assisting students in building their resilience, adaptability, problem-solving and communication skills. 

The critical initiatives helmed by CCG include:

  • Interest and Skill Assessment: The counselling team assists our students while they explore their interests, assess their readiness for College or a particular career, build skills and navigate the application and admission process. Students are encouraged to use their strengths and interests to create their path.
  • Career Awareness Workshop: Career awareness workshops enable students to think about their future careers and explore different options. These workshops help students understand their strengths and interests, learn about the various career paths available to them, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to pursue their goals. These include Career Exploration, Academic Streams and Career Opportunities, Study Abroad – An overview, Profile Building, and Resume Building. 
  • Online Resource Repository: The online resource repository provides students with curated resources to explore skill assessment frameworks, different career options, courses, colleges, examinations, and scholarships and learn about the college application process. The repository allows students to explore what they have to offer, combine different fields or find ways to apply their skills unexpectedly.
  • Expert Talks and Mentorship Programs: We partner with stakeholders of the school community and other organisations to facilitate expert talks, mentorship programs, job shadowing opportunities, and other initiatives that give students real-world experience and guidance.
  • Meet the University: Students engage in information sessions by Universities from India and abroad, such as Ashoka University, Krea University, Srishti School of Design, Massey University, New Zealand and the University of West Virginia. One of the exciting experiences our students participated in was the Design College Pathway Program. This program provided students of grades 9 to 12 an opportunity to explore the diverse fields of Design by visiting the city’s leading Design institutions.
  • Career Camp: The Career Camp allows our student community to engage in career-readiness events and learnings. This event encompasses panel discussions, expert talks across diverse fields, university information sessions and alums interactions. 
  • Summer Immersion Program: The Summer Immersion Programme provides an opportunity for students to discover their passion and understand university education. In collaboration with CMR University, this project-based programme helps students engage in topics and issues through learning environments focused on real-world, hands-on experiences in the University labs, libraries, and maker spaces. Some of the courses offered include Zoom in Zoom Out by the School of Architecture, Junior Paralegal by the School of Law and Young Entrepreneur by the School of Management.

We at CMR-Ekya schools ensure that we prepare our students with the necessary skills to make informed decisions about their college and career pathways. College and career guidance for high school students are about more than just helping them choose a college or career. It’s about helping them develop the skills and mindset they need to succeed in an uncertain world, which enables them to create a fulfilling and meaningful career landscape that aligns with their values and goals.

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