Our true acquisitions lie only in our charities, we get only as we give.

We, the students of CMR National Public School, had an eye-opening visit to the ‘Little sisters of the poor’; an old age home. It was a part of the ‘Week of Giving’, hosted by our school for the first week of August, where we raise food and supplies for the underprivileged, mainly orphanages and old age homes. Thanks to active contributions from all grades, we were able to generate a good amount of food supply, which can last for them for many days. Fifty people above the age of sixty-five are the members of the home.

A volunteer in the shelter gave a very warm welcome and had enlightened us on the situations from which these people had come from, and their daily routines. Knowing these gave us an insight into their lives. When we met them, the joy in their eyes upon seeing us was beyond words. The students had performed beautiful songs and a dance from the golden era of Indian cinema, in which they enthusiastically took part in. We went around, meeting and talking to them, seeking their blessings. They mentioned that our school was always a part of their prayers, which touched our hearts.

The aged men and women residing there were those who previously had no one to take care of them nor had any sort of sustenance. But seeing them well-fed and cared for at the institution with its selfless staff brought wide smiles on the faces of the students and accompanying coordinators, not to mention a jerk of tears too.  The elders were entertained with some evergreen songs in different languages while some even joined in to shake a leg with the students. It was during the short interval before midday that the students interacted with them and gained their blessings, while also making prayers for them.

Our visit there gave us a warm filling and made us very emotional. We are indeed blessed and honored, and thank the school, for letting us be a part of this experience.


By: Priyasha Sinha, Grade 12 and Tarushi Thankur, Grade 11

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