We must support and nurture our children’s mental health, to provide them with an enriching environment that can help them face life’s challenges and reach their fullest potential. A child’s mind is like a new canvas waiting to be filled up – we must provide it with the tools to shape it into something beautiful; as parents, this responsibility falls on our shoulders. According to an article published in the “Indian Journal of Psychiatry” in 2019 at least 50 million children in India had mental health issues, even before the pandemic these numbers worsened. Parents need to be made aware of how to adequately contribute towards their child’s mental well-being. It is up to us to understand the various factors that can affect our kids’ mental health; from family life and home atmosphere, all the way through to academic pressure at school. Here we will discuss why this knowledge is essential and provide some helpful tips on how we can further enable them in their journey towards good psychological wellness.

Here are some ways parents can show love and support to help their child’s mental health: 

Love and Support: Parental love has a huge influence on a child’s well-being, both psychological and emotional. Simple gestures like regular hugs, cuddles or kisses as well as giving your undivided attention go a long way in helping foster healthy relationships between parent and child. It’s also important that your love is unconditional – that you accept the things they may have done wrong but never stop showing them your support.

Positive Parenting: Parents should strive to teach their children right from wrong while being careful not to be overly punitive, as negative reinforcement will not cultivate emotional maturity within them. Creating opportunities for them to engage in activities they enjoy and involving them in family decisions can help build self-confidence which is essential for developing strong mental health.

Regular Communication: Establishing good communication with your children from an early age gives them the confidence to come to you with any issues or worries that may be bothering them without fear of judgement or blame. Listening attentively without interruption allows kids to gain understanding and appreciation for different perspectives, increasing empathy which is beneficial for all forms of relationship building later in life.

Be Non Judgemental and Accepting: As children grow up, it’s important that parents provide guidance rather than telling them what they should do or how they should act; confidence comes from feeling accepted so parents must provide a safe space where kids feel free to express themselves without judgement or pressure. Additionally, creating an atmosphere where mistakes are accepted teaches kids resilience – an invaluable tool when it comes to facing adversity later on down the line.

Make Them Courageous To Face Adversity: Mistakes often present valuable lessons if we allow ourselves time to learn from them instead of shying away from difficult circumstances because we are too afraid of failure. Teaching kids how to rise above hard times can give them the courage needed to tackle tough situations head-on when they become adults one day. A great way to instil this kind of attitude is by demonstrating courage yourself – setting realistic goals and then going after them even if there’s risk involved sends out a powerful message about never giving up despite obstacles encountered along the way.

In conclusion, parenting styles differ greatly amongst households but demonstrating love, providing positive reinforcement, communicating openly and allowing your child room for expression whilst also teaching discipline are consistent aspects among all successful parenting styles when it comes to enhancing mental well-being among children long-term. For parents looking for an educational environment that fosters this kind of well-being in their students, CMRNPS is a great choice – their child-oriented approach focuses on developing empathy and compassion as key values which help create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all.

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