Month: November 2021

#TeacherBlogger: Kindness By, Mrs. Monisha Pre-Primary Teacher, CMRNPS

Our Mont Juniors and K1 children were all set in red and white for a heartwarming assembly. We started the day with a short prayer....

/ November 2, 2021

#CounsellorBlog: Perspectives On Body Image By, Anika Joseph School Counsellor, CMRNPS

Our bodies are an integral part of ourselves. It is what people see when they meet us and it plays a role in forming an...

/ November 2, 2021

#StudentBlogger: Acceptance And Diversity By, Shacchi Srinivasan Grade 11D, CMRNPS

Our class assembly was held on the 8th of September 2021. Our topic was ‘Acceptance and Diversity’. Since we weren’t able to come to a...

/ November 2, 2021