School Clubs


To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents and also prepare them for intra school competitions, various club activities are conducted through the year. Club activities not only help students shape their personal interests and hobbies but also improve their leadership and social skills. We offer 20 clubs and students of Grades VI to XII can choose the club depending on his/her interest. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary for each club is interviewed and selected by the Vice Principal, Associate Vice Principal and teachers. The selected students plan the activities for the year. Students share their ideas and enjoy learning from each other during club periods. Teachers are there to guide them at every step. Experts are also invited to share their ideas with the students

At the end of the year, each club puts up a programme and the three best displays are awarded trophies.


School Clubs

Future Scientist Club - Mad scientist

For Grades XI and XII

This club is organized to give students an opportunity to meet and benefit from sharing scientific interests and abilities. Projects are designed to stimulate interest in mathematics, science, engineering, and technology and to train students in techniques of innovation and creativity.

Photography Club - Muse Club

For Grades VI TO XII

1. To promote creativity through photography, to share and critique the photographs of peers, to educate and improve technical skills, and to spread the love of photography.
2. Share ideas and knowledge with each other and help to promote interest in photography in the community through exhibitions and other events.
3. Explore Your City. Find the hidden niches in your town. Neglected structures, public cemeteries, and historic buildings provide rich sources of color, texture, and context.
4. Group photography projects

Screening & Directing Club - Directors Club

For Grades VI to XII

The purpose of this club is mainly learning through interaction and discussion. The activities carried out by the Club will encourage students to develop a different perception towards films The movies screened mainly focuses on managerial skills like leadership, team spirit, group dynamics, creativity, self-motivation, etc.”

Sculptures Club - Vibe Tribe

For Grades VI TO XII

Grade VI to X will analyze famous sculptures, work on your own sculptures. a trip to the local museum, Understand the importance of recycling in the community.

Grade XI and XII will spot-weld metals, Find design info, Get materials, Design Circuits, Cut & Fold Metal, metalworking, Choose materials, Make prototypes, do woodwork

TED x Club

For Grades VI to XII

  1. To inspire students to be future TED Speakers.
  2. To stimulate and celebrate creative ideas put forth by students from all over the world.
  3. To work with a generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovators to make the world a better place.
  4. To connect groups of students of different backgrounds around the world.
  5. To support students in developing presentation and enhance public speaking skills.
  6. Besides all these, students get an opportunity to be a part of the Ted -ed weekend and TED talks.

Art Review Club

For Grades VI TO XII 

Art plays a vital role in senior students in inspiring a richer, more profound understanding of human experience, culture and society today. Aimed at both a specialist and a general audience the magazine features a mixture of criticism, reviews, previews, opinion, reportage, and specially commissioned artworks, and offers one of the most established, in-depth and intimate portraits of international contemporary art in all its shapes and forms

For Students of grade 6 to 10 the club focuses on:

1. Exercise and demonstrate the use and mastery of the elements of design.

2. Use materials, tools, and processes from a variety of media (printmaking, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography).

3. Handle materials effectively.

4. Create original objects of art in a specific medium.

5. Select appropriate media relative to concepts and forms of art.

Language Club

For Grades VI TO XII

1) Allow communicating in a foreign language in an informal atmosphere.
2)Active language practice is the best way to raise motivation in learning a foreign language.


Design Challenge Club

For Grades VI TO XII

The key and immediate objective of the Innovation Club is to create awareness, educate, nurture and inculcate a culture of innovation amongst school children and to enable them to generate new ideas and become more innovative.

1)Support innovators and entrepreneurs to design products and services with real social impact.

2)‘Call for Ideas’, open to as wide a range of participants as possible.”

Envirothon Club

For Grades VI TO X

Envirothon is a fun academic event. It challenges high school students to think critically about the natural world and their role in it.
It combines in-class curriculum and outdoor training, helping students to learn more about aquatic ecology, forestry, soil & land use, wildlife, and current environmental issues.

Techovation Club

For Grades VI TO XII

1)Sharing Technovation outreach materials.

2)Visit local universities.

3)Visit industries.

Ideation, Identify a problem in the community, Technology, Develop a mobile app solution, Entrepreneurship, Build a business plan to launch the app, Pitch,Bring the business to market”

MUN Club

For Grades XI and XII

Students gain insight into the working of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the role of UN representatives, understand relations between countries and particularly power relations between rich and poor countries, carry out in-depth research related to climate change and issues of global poverty and the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals), debate the issues that confront world leaders and draft resolutions in response to these global issues.

Bloggers Club - Wordoid Club

For Grades VI TO XII

Bloggers club is for students who have something awesome to say and share, love blogging but want to make it pay or want to level up the blogging business skills.

The club focusses on:

1. Publish Quality Content.

2. To choose the right autoresponder.

3. Design a charming squeeze page.

4. Deliver the right free offer or report.

5. To drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

Social Media Club - Media Blasters Club

For Grades VI TO XII

Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.

The focus of the club is:

1. To develop communication.
2. To develop an understanding of the effects of mass media on themselves as individuals and also upon society.
3. To build up skills to deconstruct media messages by making them understand the constructed nature of media.
4. To develop skills to encourage the production of creative media messages.

Tourism Club - Reality Escapers Club

For Grades VI TO XII

The club aims at creating awareness amongst students about tourism activities and to incorporate students strengths and potential in the development of tourism in our State.

They also learn about various aspects of tourism business such as:

1. Provide a high standard of services suitable for individuals seeking relaxing, comfortable and memorable experiences in the hospitality and tourism industry.

2. Provide the tourist market with the quality personal required by the tourism industry.

3. Produce expeditions and memories that would satisfy each and every single of the customers.

4. Evaluate current cultural, economic, and social issues affecting the tourism and travel industry.

Personality Development Club - Perspecstro Club

For Grades VI TO XII

1. Improves communication and leadership skills of the students.
2. Complements the academic program and the student’s long-term career objectives.”
3. Coordinate various activities to enhance students personality

Music Club

For Grades VI TO XII

The music club is a platform for peers to bond over music in terms of performing, collaborating, learning, sharing exploring and creating by studying diversity in music.

1.  Promote the highest levels of human aspiration and artistic integrity through the composition, documentation, and performance of music.
2. Develop an analytical, creative, and intuitive understanding of music as a cultural language.

Western Heritage Club Ancient History Club

For Grades VI TO XII

The Mission of the club is to promote and preserve the heritage of the Old West through story, lecture, western music. It encourages discussions on different ancient cultures at each meeting and brings in an ancient history specialist to discuss their knowledge.

Other activities involve:

1. Plan a club spring break trip
2. Host an ancient civilization costume contest

Creative writing Club - Plagiarism free Club

For Grades VI TO X

The purpose of the Creative Writing Club is to provide a positive and productive atmosphere for developing student writers to integrate, learn, and grow.


Wildlife Club

For Grades VI TO X

1. To share knowledge and stimulate interest in wildlife, conservation of the environment, and biodiversity among Kenyan youth and communities.
2. To create awareness of the economic, cultural, and aesthetic value of natural resources.”

Numismatics Club

For Grades VI TO X

At the Coin and Currency Notes, Club students study about the Currency notes of different countries, understand the quality of coin/note and significance of personalities on the currency notes.

Spelling Bee Club

For Grades VI TO X

The Spelling bee club aims at improving students’ spelling skills and increasing their vocabulary, spelling bee participation provides valuable experience in developing poise—a necessary skill for success in public speaking, performing arts and athletics.

Visual Art Club - The Creative Pod Club

For Grades VI TO X

The main objective of the Fine Arts Club is to encourage the students in various arts activities and to improve the imagination skill in Entertainment.

The objective of the club:

  1. Students gain knowledge of the concepts of art and design.
  2. Students identify principles of design in a range of visual disciplines.
  3. They acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of art and design, gain experience with the required tools, materials and techniques for making art and design, and master specific concepts and skills.
  4. To create an environment for those interested in art and art-related ideas.
  5. To bring about an awareness of the depictions of emotions through various art forms.

Business Clubs

For Grades XI and XII

The main objective of this club is to orient students to the practical aspects of business management. It is aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of the business management topics introduced in classroom settings.

Cookery Club - Chefs d'oeuvre Club

For Grades VI TO XII

The objective of the club is:

1. To inculcate an interest in cookery.
2. To try a simple and attractive recipe.
3. Kitchen Hygiene, follow a recipe, health, and safety.
4. Trip to 5-star properties to study how the chefs and kitchen work.
5. Confidence and knowledge about food preparation, cooking, and presentation. “

School Club Council (2019-20)


Club  President Grade Vice President Grade
Cookery Club –
Chefs d’oeuvre Club
Kedhar R X C Sai Sankeerth IX B
Photography Club –
Muse Club
Param Panda XC Sasha Mathews IX
Screening & Directing Club – Directors Club ( Middle and Senior) Nayanth Yogi X C Neharika Aarushi IX A
Sculptures Club – Vibe Tribe (Middle and Senior) Varshitha N XII Garima P XI
Art Review Club ( Middle and Senior) Srinidhi X Harshitha XA
Future Scientist Club – Mad scientist Tanmay X B Nikhil Rajesh IX D
Language Club (Middle and Senior) Srivatsav X C Ragav XI D
Design Challenge Club Karan Nair X A Varun U IX A
Envirothon Club (Middle and Senior) Anisha Biswas X Tia Maria Manu VIII
Techovation Club Harshal Pawan H XD Aniketh Nithin N IXA
Social Media Club – Media Blasters Club Supratik Vishnu X D Gaaythri K IX D
Bloggers Club – Wordoid Club (Middle and Senior) Kushi Verma XI D T Kinjala X
Architects Club – Architectural Nexus Club( Middle and Senior) Kavya Manoj XII B Tushar J IX
Ted X Club Savar XII E Shacchi IX
Tourism Club – Reality Escapers Club Dhwani Agarwal X A Dhruthi G Reddy IX
Personality Development Club – Perspecstro Club ( Middle and Senior) Shlok Menon XII B Siraj F Senthil X A
Music Club Varad Rajeev X Shreya Radhakrishnan IX
Creative writing Club – Plagiarism free Club Shivangi Nandi X B Vishal P IX D
Book Club – Book Wizards Club Hibah X C Ritika IX C
Wildlife Club K Vignesh XD Shreya Nair IX
Numismatics Club Sai Sharan X Shamit IX
Spelling Bee Club R Varsha VIII Subhadra Sriram VII
Visual Art Club – The Creative Pod Club Abineya Arul X B C A Pooja IX B
Western Heritage Club
Ancient History Club
Baishali Nandi XII F Kruthaart V VIII
Senior School ( 11-12)
Cookery Club – Chefs d’oeuvre Club Srividya XII C Ankita XI
Photography Club – Muse Club Narain Kishore XII Gaurav Sai P XI
Future Scientist Club – Mad scientist B Vishal Reddy XII C Anirudh G B XI F
Design Challenge Club Sripriya S XII Samhitha XI
Techovation Club Chirag Reddy XII Swaroop Patra XI
Social Media Club – Media Blasters Club Monish Kumar XII D Anushka Acharya XI E
Tourism Club – Reality Escapers Club Supriti Rosita XII D Gagan XI D
Music Club Daniel Abrahim XII E Parnasha K XI
Business Clubs Darshini Thangam XII Vikram Rao J XI
MUN Club Siddharth Srinivasan XII C Riya Agarwal XI D