School Clubs


To give students an opportunity to showcase and hone their talents and also prepare them for intra school competitions, various club activities are conducted through the year. Club activities not only help students shape their personal interests and hobbies but also improve their leadership and social skills. We offer 20 clubs and students of Grades VI to XII can choose the club depending on his/her interest. The President, Vice President, Secretary and Assistant Secretary for each club is interviewed and selected by the Vice Principal, Associate Vice Principal and teachers. The selected students plan the activities for the year. Students share their ideas and enjoy learning from each other during club periods. Teachers are there to guide them at every step. Experts are also invited to share their ideas with the students

At the end of the year, each club puts up a programme and the three best displays are awarded trophies.


School Clubs

Astronomy Club

For Grades VI TO XII

To guide students in the quest to dig deep into the study of astronomy and open their minds scientifically to think and apply their knowledge to come up with new and innovative ideologies.
Vision: This club will be envisioned to instill knowledge of our endless universe and appreciate the various elements in it.

Environment Club

For Grades VI TO XII

School Environmental club will educate students in environmental sustainability and give them access to the natural world around them to create a lasting connection with the health of the planet.

Design Challenge Club

For Grades VI TO XII

To empower learners as problem solvers and build their innovative mindsets

Culinary Club

For Grades VI TO VIII

The purpose of the Culinary Club is to provide an environment for students to socialize, be creative, learn cooking skills, and have fun.

Expertise in configuring host and network by ensuring security for Culinary Club students prepare food and enjoy eating the results.

Coding Club

For Grades VI to XII

Phase 1 : Imagination is our boundary. (Term 1 we will focus on apps made by just block codes for the juniors and term 1 we will focus on making a freestyle app without any theme)

Aim : To create a fun app for mobile phone platforms.

Expectations : By the end of term 1 we will be able to create a working app play store or app store and we will be showcasing them in the end for a learning showcase.

Phase 2 : Modern Problems need modern solutions. (Term 2 we will focus on apps that solve modern day problems and this time we will create apps only using scratch and basic block code with good interface to solve world problem)

Aim : To create solutions for the modern problems using the knowledge of programming

Expectations : By the end of Term 2 we will be able to have a working app that can solve actual problems in real life.

Architecture Club

For Grades VI TO XII 

Awareness of Architecture as a creative pursuit and a promising career .

Logophile Club

For Grades VI TO XII

The club aims at exploring the various forms of writing and help
the students become better writers.
To write innovative and thought-provoking prose
To tackle hard and complicated topics in our writing
To enrich our readers’ minds and help them think out of the box
To improve the writing skills of all the members of the club
To use grammar to our full advantage in our writing
To convey the main theme and message to our audience clearly
To use the appropriate vocabulary.

Melody Lounge Club

For Grades VI TO XII

To enhance knowledge in music and instruments, where students can enthusiastically participate in various musical events

Picture Perfect Club

For Grades VI TO XII

In this club, students will learn how to click photos from various angles, will record events, and will be able to deepen their knowledge of the artistic value of photography. While it is not compulsory to own a camera, phone cameras will also be included in this plan.

Personality Development Club

For Grades VI TO XII

To develop self-confidence and effectively perform in a professional and personal environment.

Verbattle Club

For Grades XI TO VIII

This club foster to provide participating students a valuable educational activity with primary emphasis on debate activities and competitions which improves critical thinking, research skills, ethical argumentation, advocacy, analysis, oral presentation, listening, organization, team work, group problem solving, emphasis good communication skills in the students in both Hindi and English languages. Mission: This club connects,supports and inspires different ages of students to empower them through speech and debate.

Rock and Roll Club

For Grades VI TO XII

To not only come together to move and express oneself but to try to give back to society by coming together with the service-learning program club and performing for the elderly, and using the learning showcase to raise money to donate to them, while having a great time!

Art factory- 2D

For Grades VI TO XII

Exploring everything we see as art and inspiring people to see the world’s beauty via art

Meraki Club

For Grades VI TO XII

Produce creative works that demonstrate innovation in concepts, formal language and/or materials · Describe, analyze and interpret created artwork …

Vogue Club

For Grades VI TO XII

This club aims at providing students the required skills and knowledge one might require to pursue a career in fashion. It includes interactive club classes, teaching motor skills and coordination- crocheting, stitching, smocking, etc. In addition, students will learn to draw the human figure and practically apply their designs on these croquis. Students will have the freedom to explore their interests, experiment with various color schemes, and draw inspiration from fashion magazines. Fashion is much more than just colors and patterns, it helps communicate our ideas, show off our creativity, spread awareness and message.

Anime Club

For Grades VI TO XII

To foster and provide each member with an entertaining and welcome environment in which they create new characters and new anime series. Club mission: Creativity, Imagination skills.

Gamers Den

For Grades VI TO XII

Games Den club provides a safe, fun place for any students who want to play board games.


For Grades IX TO XII

To ensure that SLP is not just an annual activity, but a part of CMR Culture.

Biosciences Club

For Grades IX TO XII

Science Club is the platform for the students to promote their scientific interest, realize their scientific skills and fulfill their quest in doing science activities.

Web Designing Club

For Grades IX TO XII

To create a website to display the showcases, location and salient features of each club the ease out the confusion faced by parents and students alike while touring around on the day of the club showcases.
To update the website created by the senior school (or create our own) with the activities of our schools based on a monthly schedule.
Collaborating with different clubs like photography and logophile to have pictures of our students taken during events and beautiful pieces of writing (blogs, stories, etc) to be displayed on our website.

Deca Club

For Grades IX TO XII

To imbibe the knowledge of business in students and widen their array of thoughts and creativity in the art of making money.

This club will be envisioned to guide students in the understanding of different business elements and how to apply them ethically to get effective and profitable returns.

Shark Tank

For Grades IX TO XII

Come up with creative and innovative business ideas/models to present to the panel and bring in investors. We believe in, “Don’t wait, Innovate!! The sea is full of ideas”

Mock Trial

For Grades IX TO XII

Aims to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the Indian legal system by preparing and enacting a court case

MUN Club

For Grades IX TO XII


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