At CMR National Public School, we are constantly striving to deliver the best of education to our community of learners, thinkers, doers and change-makers. Our efforts are well appreciated by our students, parents and alumni who have come forward to share their thoughts and feedback on our school, curriculum and teaching methodologies.


Reading a Story Book ….!!!!
Stories have the innate ability to teach without chastising. The main characters always seem to come up with witty and intelligent ways of solving seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
Today I am really overwhelmed to share my experience in my daughter’s reading class. I was given an opportunity to read a small story that I used to tell my daughter every day in and out. But it was a different experience altogether reading in front of her classmates where they were all set to hear the story. I always had a mindset that kids won’t listen to anyone other than their class teacher. But I was wrong. As soon I completed reading, all of them were ready to reiterate the story which was told by me. When I heard them telling it, then I got to know how much I was gifted to see the small kid’s listening ability, skills to present, and how they were interested in it. It was enough to serve as a stress buster, off from my work. I really thank Anshu and Aparna Mam for this opportunity and looking forward to many.

Pradipta Chakraborty, father of Ashmita Chakraborty Grade X 'B'

I am extremely pleased that my daughter is a part of CMR National Public School. The current situation surely has made our time difficult but the teachers and staff of the school have outshined this situation amidst this crisis. All the teachers have done their level best to teach the students through the online platform. Affirmation to Ms. Vijaya and Ms. Ambrita for continuing their excellent teaching in the subject of Science, Ms. Rashmi for an elaborate explanation to intricate problems in Math, Ms. Jaya for equipping every possible source for better performance in English, and Ms. Mayura and Mr. Ravi for bringing ease in the subject of Hindi. Last not but least, the CODs, HODs, and the HOS have done a marvelous job in organizing everything for the academic year. Great going teachers!

Father of Tejaswini M, topper of the XII (CBSE 2020-21) PCMB.

“I would like to place on record, our (my self and my family) sincere thanks to you and your team of teachers, who have, in spite of the pandemic placing considerable obligation and stress in managing the classes, have done a great job in facilitating the learning of children. I do recollect some of the teachers being innovative during the online classes in ensuring good and healthy discussion among students to keep them inspired and motivated to do their duty as students and study well. I am sure CMR will continue its wonderful service to the cause of learning and progression for years to come serving the society and the Nation.

Our Sincere thanks for all that CMR has done.

On behalf of myself and my wife Thamizharasi. R, Daughters both were CMR students – Tejaswini M, Priyamvadha M”

Dr. Niharika Gupta -Parent of Mont.Sr/K2 student

CMR NPS School has a very people friendly online educational program.The efforts of the teachers and management is evident in the seamless transition of the on campus schooling to online platform in these very challenging times. Both of my children are in the pre-primary school and look forward to the online fun classes every day, be it academics, competitions, hosting assemblies, storytelling sessions or art activities. Thank you to the CMR NPS educators and team members for curating a wholesome program for our children and for providing a portal for parent teacher meetings to put forth their concerns or ideas.

Mr. Manish Thakur -Parent of Grade 12 student | Parent Speak

Tarushi was initially very reticent and would not express herself much particularly in a group, though she was doing well academically. The school curriculum and programs ensured there were many opportunities for her to participate in different types of group activities either social, cultural or projects to explore beyond the curriculum. Students are actively encouraged to take part in them. Each of these opportunities were stepping stones that enabled her to make a start with shedding her inhibitions and confidently express herself. The management deserves applause for the continuous guidance and support shown to the students. The teachers, in particular, have been extremely pivotal to Tarushi’s holistic growth. The school through constant encouragement and an ecosystem of talent among students helped her immensely develop her personality and eventually step up into leadership roles. I commend the school for enabling individual students to develop and manifest their latent potential

Dr. Jyothi Raghuram -Parent of Grade 7 student | Parent Speak

My son has been in CMR right from LKG and we have seen his transition from a shy toddler to a playful primary school child and now a more responsible, confident student through the years in CMR NPS. The curriculum makers, especially Ms Shobha Krishnan who is also a personal friend, the teachers and the school’s role has been pivotal in this transition. Particularly during the last year the teachers and policy makers have risen to the occasion and switched effortlessly to online teaching, tests and grading assessments without undue pressure on the children. As doctors, my husband and I had to be at the hospital everyday during the COVID pandemic. We were uncertain how online schooling would work and our son would cope. But it has been a relief to see that learning has not stopped and he is making good progress. Schoology app is most convenient and hats off to the other activities like Book Nook, Virtual class assembly, ideas for online projects etc. Thank you and best wishes to the teachers and administrators of CMR NPS.

Mr. Jitendra Tripathi -Parent of Grade 9 student | Parent Speak

My daughter Devanshi entered the gates of CMR NPS at the age of 4 in LKG during 2007. Time flies and now she is in her final year of school and soon will be going for college admission. Looking back, I am wondering how she has excelled overall and grew throughout the years in school.

I can proudly say that I have made the right choice of school for my children. What an amazing journey it has been, thank you teachers and management of CMR NPS for an excellent learning environment which is key for development of confident young adults. Along with academics, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities including sports, debates, stage performance and public speaking clubs for overall development. I have seen many improvements in the school in adopting new technology for the development of children and teachers. The past year has been very tough for all of us and more so for students due to pandemic. I admire the resilience of 2021 graduating students for managing online learnings very well. School teachers and management have done an excellent job to make remote learning the best lifetime experience for students with positivity and hope. Thank you CMR NPS for all you have done and continue to do going forward. I am extremely grateful that my child, like all other students of this institution, has a strong foundation for a bright future and exciting time ahead.I look forward to great learnings for my son as well in the coming years.

Ms. Indrani M -Parent of Mont. Senior / K2 student | Parent Speak

CMR NPS has always been outstanding in terms of providing quality education along with inculcating the students with discipline and moral values. Despite the pandemic situation when things were unpredictable the teachers and the management at CMR NPS made sure that my child’s learning was not hindered. The immense dedication shown by all the teachers, the affection and patience shown by Geraldine Ma’am towards every child has put my respect for them on an even higher note. There is individual attention given to each child through bridge courses. There is a parent-teacher interaction to put forward any concerns. Both academics and Co-curricular are been given equal importance during the online classes. The kids have Show and Tell classes which improves their speech.

Mr Varun Prasad -Parent of Grade 12 student | Parent Speak

The virtual school (online classes and co-curricular activities) for the academic year 2020-21 were conducted in a very meticulous and professional manner. Classes like ASW and other co-curricular areas like PA/VA/PE were structured and interspersed well to provide a good balance for the kids. The morning meetings and breakfast club activities were very engaging and interesting. The communication received from the teachers was timely and relevant; this is much appreciated. The ‘meet and greet’ event was very innovative and thoughtful. Pranav enjoyed it a lot. We thank the class teacher, Neha ma’am, other subject teachers, and staff for being very patient and supportive through this difficult year.

Parent of Grade 12 student | Parent Speak

Despite the unprecedented times posed by the global pandemic, we acknowledge the fact that CMR NPS was quick enough to come up with a well-designed online classes program and embraced the new normal. While virtual classroom has its own limitations in engaging students, the whole staff has been making all efforts to make learning interesting for our son. I would also like to say that the teachers are going the extra mile in helping the students in every given opportunity. These virtual sessions are interactive and full of life. In fact, the online schooling platform, Schoology, has brought all of us together forming a close-knit community comprising of students, teachers, and parents.

Mr. Prasanna -Parent of Grade 4 student | Parent Speak

A couple of years ago, much before the pandemic set in, we parents of CMRNPS were introduced to ‘Power School’, a system where the school sent us messages and resources. We did not think much about it. Cut to 2020, and suddenly the same system through Schoology became a life saver! Through meticulously arranged subject folders, course materials, grades, an online library (Book Nook), facility to message subject teachers and message boards for children to interact with each other, the school has aced the new normal.
Special thanks to my son’s class teacher Joy Ruth ma’am who, through her inspiring morning meetings gives a positive start to the day. Thanks also to Neha Kaushal ma’am who has drawn non-hindi speakers out of their shell and made them develop a love for the subject. We are grateful for the emphasis on children’s health and well being and hope the school continues its good work for the years ahead.

Mr. Thampuraj D -Parent of Grade 1 student | Parent Speak

Last year it was my son Vetri’s 1st grade, he studied in CMR Montessori earlier. I was very apprehensive at first on how children at such young age would be able to cope up with online classes and how the teachers would be able to get their attention to teach. However, now I must say it was a brilliant effort put by the teachers and the school management to bring in the technology, right schedule, and a mix of different modes of engagements that helped my child and other children to excel in the new way of learning. The community connect was also a great way to help children to connect apart from the curriculum.

Smriti Easwar -Batch of 2018

My experience in CMRNPS has been marvelous! I spent 5 years of my life studying here and I am to this day filled with gratitude for what this school has taught me. I still miss those super fun cultural events which all of us awaited with excitement and joy; those zero hours and lunch breaks where we chatted away with friends, who to this day are more like family, and most importantly those inspiring teachers who made our entire learning experience so beautiful.

Sunaina S Rao -Batch of 2020

Being part of the student council for three consecutive years as House Vice Captain, Vice Head Girl, and Sports Captain has not only allowed me to interact with students of the school but also to work with the faculty as well. It has also given me the chance to host various events from various spectrums with the most innovative team of coordinators and students. Academics may be the backbone of a learning institution but at CMRNPS we hit a balance of sports and extra-curriculum with academics. All in one, being in CMRNPS has taught me to be the person I want to become. Thank you.

Ruchikkaa Prrajeet -Batch of 2018

Before I joined CMR I was studying in an ICSE board and thus found it a bit challenging to adjust to the new syllabus. But, with the guidance and support of the teachers and my peers, I easily got accustomed to the new system. The teachers were very encouraging, and I made some lifelong friends too. The best phase of my school life was the last two years when I was in grade 11 and 12. The fun times in class, friendly talks with the teachers, our class trips to Hampi and Sakhleshpur and many more. Thanks to CMR for giving me such unforgettable memories to cherish forever.


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