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CMRNPS, one of the premium schools in yelahanka, Bangalore ensures that your children excel in life as well as education. Here, we do not merely impart knowledge but also instill the passion to learn and excel in life. CMRNPS is committed to unlocking the genius within every child and creating leaders. We provide value-based education to ensure that students grow up to become responsible citizens and make the world a better place to live in.

Why choose the CBSE curriculum over ICSE?

Every parent has to go through the tough task of choosing the right board of education for their children. Of course, the board of education plays an important role in a child’s education. There are two recognized boards of education in India – CBSE and ICSE. There are a lot of ICSE schools in Bangalore but you must be sure if the ICSE board suits your child.

In India, the most preferred board is CBSE. CBSE prepares the students for primary and secondary level of education. When it comes to syllabus, CBSE focuses more on the theoretical concepts while ICSE focuses on the practical knowledge. CBSE syllabus is more suitable for qualifying in various national-level entrance exams. ICSE syllabus is more detailed and is more balanced with focus on arts, language and science.

Moreover, the CBSE board is suitable for parents with transferable jobs. There are lots of CBSE schools in India. So wherever you get transferred, you can find a suitable CBSE school for your children’s education.


CBSE Curriculum at CMRNPS

We encourage students to engage in discussions of topics and express their ideas. We also provide classroom exercises, projects and group discussions which help students grasp the subject. The curriculum at schools in Yelahanka include


The program is based on pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills focussing on developing social, personal and creative thinking skills. The pre-primary curriculum set the tone for learning by kindling the curiosity in children. At this stage, children are active and love to explore new things and love to play by engaging in activities that interest them. With the use of innovative and engaging methodologies we create a happy environment with fun-filled activities.


Our primary curriculum lays the foundation for future learning and also enables students to strengthen their emotional and social abilities and become independent. Apart from imparting knowledge we focus equally on encouraging creativity. The curriculum ensures that students acquire fundamental values which help them survive in the world we live in.

Middle School

Middle school curriculum challenges the students to apply learning in the world around them. Extending the exposure provided by the primary school program, the middle school program focuses on strengthening the knowledge and skills of the child through innovative and creative learning activities. Children acquire and develop communication skills through activities such as debates, group discussions, elocution, extempore, skits and role-play. Children’s talent and creativity are nurtured by providing them the opportunities to learn dance, drama and art.

Senior School

Our teachers enable students to think out of the box and prepare them to face the board exams with confidence. We have qualified teachers who are well equipped in subject knowledge. They strive to make the students learn and apply the learning in their lives.


Our facilities

The classrooms and lecture halls are fully furnished with the state-of-art facilities to be at par with the standards set by the best schools. Our campus is equipped with modern computing facilities and lab facilities. We provide a safe and fun playing environment which allows the students’ physical and social environment. From the audio-visual room to the library we ensure that each child discovers an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

We also maintain safe and good boarding facilities. If you are looking out for the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, we are sure we can match your needs and expectations.

Beyond learning

Our approach to education goes beyond the classroom and recognizes the importance of holistic education which includes activities outside the classroom. Co-curricular activities facilitate the development of various domains of mind and personality such as emotional development, intellectual development and moral development. We offer a variety of activities including sports and games, marital arts, dance, music and theatre.


Campus overview

Embedded in a lush green environment with an impressive infrastructure equipped with modern educational facilities including co-curricular activities. We offer students a creative and nurturing environment to ensure their academic development. We provide a conceptual learning environment in order to build a strong foundation for the students. Finally we ensure that students develop confidence and maturity before they step into the outside world.


The need for safe passage of each child to and from school is of utmost importance to us. To ensure safe travel the school offers transportation for all kids. We ensure safety by employing only certified drivers. For supervision and monitoring a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey. Besides the implementation of safety norms the staff in the bus are well trained in first aid management.


Parent speak

It gives me immense pleasure to appreciate the efforts of the teaching staff of CMRNPS school. They have kept our children well engaged in studies and other activities. The kids were getting bored and were always glued to mobile or TV and we as parents kept on worrying about the ill effects on health. However, CMRNPS resolved our concerns by starting online classes. The teachers plan the lessons in an interesting way that kids are left with no doubts. They are concentrating not only on academics but co-curricular activities also bringing out the creative side of the kids. Now the kids follow a schedule and are away from the television. The other thing which was bothering me was the long screen hours that the kids are exposed to. But here, there is an ample gap between the classes. I appreciate the efforts of the staff of CMRNPS for this. It is their collective efforts which brings such results.



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