Travel Diary  “Field Trip to Kidztopiaa”

We, the teachers along with the second graders, departed to Kidztopiaa, Bangalore Children’s Museum. The students commenced to travel by 8:30 am and reached the campus within 2:00 pm.

The students explored different places in the museum. I would like to mention a couple of them. The laser room, frozen shadow, dodging, and laser music, well all these were integrated into the laser. Students got to examine a part of science in this domain.

The students got an opportunity to examine distinctive specimens like moths, butterflies, grasshoppers, and beetles as well !!

Students engrossed themselves in glass paintings, trampoline, zipline, and building blocks. The fun didn’t end here, there were other activities too which they were entranced.

The students got to delve into noteworthy role plays, some of them were stupendous like the post office, radio station, hospital, police station, fire station, pottery, supermarket, and whatnot. The foremost part was that the students got to characterize themselves in role plays, where they were able to assimilate them too.

The environment was friendly and clutter free indeed.

I would like to mention that the kids were ecstatic about the trip and they would also enforce the same in their academics and co-curricular activities.

This was certainly an awe-striking educational field trip. Envisioning more such trips.

-Agnes Priya.R
(Class teacher of 2B)

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