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My principle of being and becoming has indeed come true in this academic year. Being a teacher and becoming a learner have brought many contributions to my career. When the whole world took a halt at the time of the pandemic, bringing up the entire classroom on a virtual platform was the biggest challenge for me. Having been introduced to a new family and the virtual sessions with new faces when pooled together collectively, I experienced the tough part of being a novice.

But long gone are the days where classrooms were drab and dull, and the only colour around was that on the textbooks. Since we are online teaching, now classrooms are fun, vibrant places of learning where creativity is encouraged. As a language teacher with a year’s experience in CMR, I always got full creative freedom to teach. I was nervous when I heard that the entire year is going to be ONLINE. Later, the same became a piece of cake for me when I began utilizing well-planned and executed online classrooms with advantageous lesson plans.

No two days were the same for me. Satisfaction on candidates’ faces gave me pleasure. It is then I realized the outcome of routine meetings with the other faculties and timely preparation of effective lessons.

I would like to recall at this moment, how cooperative and accommodating the administration and colleagues are with me! I was merely a plant uprooted from a different environment and got planted into a new orchard. Being adequately watered and nurtured on time, I could easily bloom where I am planted today. I experienced boundless contentment when I learned that I am being accepted by the pupils of the CMR family. I found my teaching hours stood productive when I applied the resourced knowledge gained during the Ekya PDI sessions. As a Hindi Language Teacher, I feel elated while listening to the learners conversing in Hindi during any sort of discussion.

Initial tussles of virtual sessions  gradually became a cakewalk for me when I was thinking that “It’s impossible!” About this, i would like to mention a very famous quote in Hindi- 

“पतझड़ के बाद आते हैं दिन बहार के, 
  जीना  क्या जीवन से हार के !!!!”

Instructive and informative weekly staff meetings proved beneficial for me when I came across the best practices shared by my colleagues.

Altogether it is a pleasure to be a part of the CMR family. Hope I will be able to contribute something more and very useful in the future.

                                      Thank you

By, Mr. Ravi Gupta, Hindi Teacher, CMR National Public School

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