“One picture is worth a thousand words”, this phrase was popularized in the 1920s by Fred R. Barnard and later used by many others. He used the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” to discuss the use of drawn and photographic images to illustrate advertising. Now, it is very true that to inculcate some good habits, concepts, and critical thinking among children, we can take pictures. The visual image registers in the mind and they remember it always. Keeping that in the background we at CMRNPS, came up with an innovative idea to use the Tux paint app to emphasize the importance of reading among children. 

We all know the importance of reading books. The famous writer/author Dr.Seuss, one of the most loved authors by children, said “The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

Digital art is artwork created using digital technology. Instead of colour pens, paints and paper, we can use computers or tablets to create digital art. There are many applications available to create digital art, Microsoft Paint is one such application that helps us create digital art. An application is a set of instructions that tell the computer what or how to perform a given task. Tux Paint is a free application for creating digital art. It contains many fun tools to create art.

Tux Paint is a program used to make wonderful drawings. It is easy to use. It has sound effects also. The Tux paint screen has many functionalities. It is very simple to use. Students use standard drawing tools to make single-page drawings, save them and print all within the software. The drawings are saved as thumbnails in an archive.

At CMRNPS, we are celebrating Reading week from 1st Feb to 4th Feb.

Day 1 commenced with a storytelling session and children enjoyed the same. On the 2nd day, children were asked to create a poster on the importance of reading using the Tux paint app. The grade 1 and grade 2 children participated with zeal and enthusiasm. They were very excited when the teacher made the announcement. Some children shared that they had previously learnt Tux Paint and it was an easy and user-friendly app. Students immediately started creating the poster with great enthusiasm.

Students were completely engrossed in creating the poster for the next 25 minutes. They used borders and stickers to make it more attractive, the teachers gave them the freedom and asked them to use their creativity. There was pin-drop silence and they were completely engaged throughout the session. After the completion, when they shared their posters, it was such marvellous creations by 6 and 7-year-old children. Their ideas/creativity had no boundaries. Some of them wanted to share their screen and show it to their friends and teachers. They were allowed to share. Students were encouraged to post their creations on the media album. Some of their exemplary creations to show the importance of reading are attached below.

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