Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments–Jim Rohn

People dream to achieve something in life. Everybody loves to be successful but, we see that not all people are successful. At the same time, not everybody’s dream comes true. So, where could be the fault? The answer is simple. It is rightly said, Discipline is the key to success. Anybody can set up a goal because it is easy to do. Getting motivated to move towards the goal is also possible. But it takes a lot of effort, self-restraint, and willpower to keep going. Here discipline plays the key role. It is the discipline that helps us to achieve our goals. So it acts as a bridge between our goals and accomplishments. This quote is universally applicable whether one is a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur, or a leader.

Discipline is self-control. Self-restraint, or moderation over our thoughts and actions. Discipline is to choose the right thing wherever we have a choice to choose between what we want and what is RIGHT. It is often not an easy task to make the right choices. The mind needs to be constantly and continuously trained to achieve self-control. For an adult, it is quite a task to train the mind to be disciplined. The mind of an adult is already conditioned in a certain way. For a child, as he/she is in his/her formative years, it is possible to shape in an orderly manner.

Childhood is the best time to inculcate the seeds of self-restraint in young minds. Discipline is about teaching children a system of values that they can use to guide them through life. This system can lead to a healthier emotional life that promotes the development of self-motivation, self-control, personality, and decision-making processes. 

Self-discipline will help children to resist temptations, delay gratification, and help to tolerate the discomfort needed to achieve goals in their lives. 

CMRNPS leaves no stone unturned in shaping the overall personality of the students. Apart from academics, CMRNPS believes extracurricular activities play a significant role in developing the potential of the students, thus preparing them for a victorious career and future.

As part of the virtual assembly, Grade 1 A students showcased their understanding of self-discipline. The assembly started with a soothing prayer song, followed by an introduction on the topic and the significance of self-restraint in a student’s life.

Students enacted the way they are following self-discipline by maintaining routines, as simple as brushing their teeth, keeping themself hygienic to complex personality traits of controlling their emotions. 

A melodious song on self-discipline was sung by the students, which delineates the role of order in nature.  Storytelling is a dynamic and potent medium that hooks not only the attention of children but also adults and instills life skills. Students read a story of the self-controlled seal with fantabulous expressions. The mantra of the seal to decide wisely when in trouble was, “stop, think and breathe and make the right choice”. This catchy tagline was well received not just by the students but also by the audience.

Following the rules is inevitable in the school environment for the smooth functioning of the campus and effective learning. Driving this point, students showcased in action the splendid song, “I can follow the rules”. As the curtains of the assembly came down marking the end, the audience particularly students expressed their views and applause through chat instead of unmuting their mics, which showed that they literally followed the mantra “stop, think and breathe and make the right choice”

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