Zoos are the perfect destination to go to on a bright Sunday morning, aren’t they? A tunnel of curiosity for a young chap and a pleasure for adults. Zoos provide the experience of being in the presence of stunning animals from all over the world! But sometimes you may wonder, what do the animals themselves feel about being in a fancy big zoo? And that raises the question, should zoos exist?

Zoos may be both paradise and hell for animals. An animal may consider a zoo to be the opulent side of life, where they are fed real appetizing food with comfortable man-made biomes, but then across the bridge toward the side of hell, it may consider a zoo to be a prison from which there is no escape. The animal might feel so because the climate or even the terrain of the zoo might not be one that matches their natural habitat, making it incredibly uncomfortable.

Journalist, “Gaston Lacombe” gives a remarkable insight into what is the real-life of animals in zoos. He stated that he could go on a 2-hour drive in Washington DC and sight 15 different zoos all with animals that don’t have proper nutrition nor any proper treatment. These words speak a lot because often zoos give more importance to the animals which would get more attention. For example, a zoo could provide a tiger with a massive cave, with a pond and with good food, however for a rabbit, just a small iron cage for it to live in.

Evidently, zoos aren’t always the happy, fun land that you may visit on a bright summer day. Zoos to some animals may be a happy promise land and to others, an unhappy dark cage. In a nutshell, let animals live in their natural habitat and zoos shouldn’t exist.

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