Grade 2 students of CMRNPS were taken to GIRIAS CHILDREN’S EXPLORIUM in the month January for a field trip. The excitement of students was palpable from the day the trip was announced which was evident with a full attendance on the D day. Students came stuffed with munchies of all kinds that they ate sharing with their friends all through the trip. The day started early on a positive note with bright sun and a lot of cheer from the students.

The children were excited at the sight of Girias Children’s Explorium and were screaming with joy. On arrival, we were greeted by the employees of the Explorium who took charge of the children. They divided them into smaller and more manageable groups. Every group was taken to a different set of activities and children in the group were given ample time to try the activities. On rotation, all groups ensured the children completed the various activities in the Explorium.

Amid demur from the students, we decided to start back for the school. The children settled down reluctantly in the bus but out of sheer exhaustion, a lot of them fell asleep as soon as we started the return journey. The students enjoyed the trip thoroughly and look forward to many more of such trips. It was a fun trip, well-managed by the employees of Girias Children’s Explorium.

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